Some Details Revealed with Call of Duty 2020 Logo

Some details have emerged about the new game of Call of Duty, one of the most popular FPS game series ever. The logo of the game was discovered on a PSN by a data miner.

Call of Duty series, which has released a new game every year for years, has disrupted a long-standing tradition by not announcing Call of Duty 2020 before May. Of course, the biggest reason for this may be the COVID-19 epidemic that affects the whole world, but it seems that there will be an official announcement from the company soon, and this is likely to happen at the PlayStation 5 event.

According to rumors about Call of Duty 2020, the game will be under Black Ops. The name of the game is likely to be Black Ops Cold War. A new piece of information about the game clarifies the rumors about this game. The source of the new rumor is the files that a data miner finds on PSN. The files contain information about the game’s logo and where it came from.

Call of Duty 2020:

The resulting image features black and white CIA images in the background. Here is a map, a ‘mushroom cloud’ (a cloud that appears as a mushroom after the nuclear explosion), an official document and the design of the launch facility. Of course, this information does not give clear indications as to whether the game is a rebuild, a ‘reboot’ or a brand new game.

When this information is examined more closely, a period of time arises regarding the game. According to the news of GameRant, the document we mentioned above shows the date of 1976. This greatly increases the chances of a reboot or a new game. Another argument about the game is that a mission will be revived from the original Black Ops from Treyarch’s hand, but the mission will leave the original Black Ops when the end is different.

Although the source of this claim is the files uncovered from PSN, it is useful to approach this information with suspicion as there is no official statement yet. You can find the high-resolution version of the image we shared above here.



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