Details on the villain brought back from The Vampire Diaries


The sixth season of Legends of Tomorrow will pit the team against a new villain named Bishop who will be played by Raffi Barsoumian, who previously played Makros in The Vampire Diaries.

The new season of Legends of Tomorrow was supposed to see the team traveling into space and battling various threats. However, Bishop played by Raffi Barsoumian from The Vampire Diaries suggests there will be greater challenges.

Bishop, played by Raffi Barsoumian of The Vampire Diaries is truly a “sadistic egomaniac who treats all living creatures, both human and extraterrestrial, like his scientific toys.”

The character Bishop, who will be played by Raffi Barsoumian from The Vampire Diaries, does not appear to be based on a single DC Comics character, although in his description he is as Lex Luthor from Supergirl.

While Raffi Barsoumian’s Bishop, who appears in The Vampire Diaries, doesn’t appear to be a direct adaptation of Luthor, this wouldn’t be the first time Legends of Tomorrow has created an original Arrowverse character using a comic book character.

Nate Heywood, who joined the team in season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow, was inspired in part by the Citizen Steel character, a similar situation with the actor who was in The Vampire Diaries: Raffi Barsoumian.

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