Details of WhatsApp’s lost message feature become clear


WhatsApp will soon bring the lost messages feature to its users. However, this feature does not seem to provide as much flexibility as users expect.

It has been known for several months that WhatsApp has been preparing to introduce the lost messages feature. However, not many details were shared by the popular communication service on how this feature would work. WhatsApp finally broke its silence on the subject.

Those who use the beta versions of WhatsApp stated that options such as 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week and 1 year will be offered for messages to disappear. However, the Frequently Asked Questions page created by the WABetaInfo site shows that only 7 days will be offered to users in the first place.

The related page includes the following statements: “You can send lost messages on WhatsApp by activating the disappearing messages feature. When this feature is activated, messages sent in private chats or group chats disappear automatically after 7 days. The last election covers all messages in chats. ”

“This choice will not affect the messages you have already sent or received. In individual chats, both parties will be able to activate or deactivate the lost messages. In group chats, this feature will be controlled by group administrators. ”

Some points draw attention here. First of all, if a sent message is not read within 7 days, it will appear in the notification preview even if it is deleted from the chat screen. If a lost message is answered with a quote, the message shown in the quote section will still appear, even if the original is lost. In addition, the disappearing message forwarded to another chat will be visible. It will be possible to see the deleted messages in the backups made before the message was deleted.

It seems that WhatsApp will continue to test the disappearing messages feature for a while. There is no indication from the company about the feature release date yet.


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