Details of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra’s 108 MP camera

The main camera of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the 108 megapixel ISOCELL HM3 sensor. This sensor surpasses the HM1 used in the S20 Ultra and Note 20 Ultra in many ways. Improved HDR, low light and auto focus performance are among the highlights.

Smart ISO Pro, which is an HDR technology, takes one low and high ISO photo simultaneously. Capturing frames at the same time prevents ghosting of moving objects. It should be noted that this is a common problem in sequential HDR photos.

These two frames are then combined into a single 12-bit photo. Thus, the image in RAW format can contain 64 times more color information than a 10-bit image. It spreads the 1 / 1.33 ″ sized sensor pixels over a 12000 x 9000 grid.

The HM3 also has a Low Noise mode. Thus, the light sensitivity is increased by 50 percent. The improved re-mosaic algorithm makes it possible to capture 108 megapixel full resolution frames in good light conditions.

The Super PD Plus feature adds micro lenses to the Phase Detection elements in the sensor used for auto focus. These lenses increase the measurement accuracy of these elements by 50 percent.

Samsung ISOCELL HM3; It can record 8K 30 fps, 4K 120 fps and 1080p 240 fps video. It should be noted that the 8K resolution is limited to 24 fps in the S21 Ultra. S Pen can also be used in editing the videos recorded with the S21 Ultra.

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