Details of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet The Legendary Quartet Leaks


While Game Freak, The Pokemon Company and all the companies involved were silent about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the floodgates of rumors and leaks opened. Of course, all unofficial information should be taken with a degree of skepticism, but many really turned to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks due to the lack of reliable information.

A ton of Pokemon, story details, and more leaked online, although this time some of them turned out to be false. However, one consistently reliable voice in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet community was Riddler Hu, who has received a lot of information in the past, and, to a lesser extent, temporary Kaka. The latest leak regarding the legendary four comes from these two figures, which means they have a little more weight than some of the “leaks”.

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For those who are not familiar with the term “legendary quartet”, it simply means that there will be four other legendary fans who are not mascots, who are somehow related to each other. Often these legendary Pokemon appear as a trio, such as Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres or Entei, Raikou and Suikun, but a quarter is not unheard of. Well, according to Kaka, the legendary Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, who are not mascots, do not belong to the dragon type or the fairy type, two incredibly powerful and popular types. Instead, according to a recent post by Riddler Khu, it seems that they will all have the same dark type. In particular, it seems that it will be Dark/Fire, Dark/Earth, Dark/Ice and Dark/Grass.

Hu’s new tweet responding to Kaka’s latest post about the sub-legendary Gen 9 quartet from PokeLeaks

Interestingly, these four legends should be the opposite of the Forces of Nature. Pokemon Legends: Arseus expanded this trio to a quarter with Lovers, and their Therian forms are based on four benevolent animals in Chinese mythology. It seems that this new quarter is based on Four Dangers, their opposites. Because of their character, some even think that instead of an evil third legendary like Eternatus, these Pokemon will somehow play an antagonistic role in the game. This is an interesting concept that can attract new elements of time travel that connect Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Of course, these are just rumors, leaks and community speculation. None of this is official, so until Game Freak shows its hands, fans should treat this Pokemon Scarlet and Violet news with disbelief.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18 on the Nintendo Switch.


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