Details of the plot of the 19th season of “Anatomy of Passion” teased the stars


Kim Raver teases what viewers can expect from season 19 of “Anatomy of Passion.” The recent finale of the show has significantly changed the status quo: the Grey Sloan Memorial residency program has lost its accreditation. Several doctors are leaving, at least temporarily, and Meredith is positioned as the only one who can save the hospital. This has raised a lot of questions about what the 19th season of “Anatomy of Passion” will look like when it premieres in October. The training scenes are the main part of the show, so it’s hard to imagine work without them.

In addition, after the finale, the fate of the two main characters hangs in the air. Perhaps in the most shocking scene Teddy (Raver) And Owen (Kevin McKidd) flee Seattle after Bailey is informed that Owen has provided the sick veterans with the medicines they need to die with dignity. Since the two were last seen on a plane with their children, it’s unclear exactly how the characters will return in season 19 of “Anatomy of Passion,” especially since they could lose their medical licenses and even end up in prison.

In an interview with People, Raver teased what will happen when “Anatomy of Passion” returns in the fall. In particular, she said, “Season 19 is going to be crazy. It’s like a bomb exploding, and what will be the consequences? What kind of show can last for 19 years?” Raver was also asked about Teddy and Owen and whether they would return in season 19:

I mean, look, I hope we don’t end up like this. There is still a lot to tell about these two. But you never know. You should keep everyone willing to tune in at the end of September. I just think there are more stories to tell.

Although Raver avoids confirming that Teddy and Owen will return in season 19 of “Anatomy of Passion,” it seems likely. Firstly, there was no indication that Raver or McKidd were leaving the show, and such casting news often appears immediately after the season finale. In addition, both actors participated in “Anatomy of Passion” for many years — McKidd — fourteen seasons, and Raver — eight. Although there is no problem with the characters being killed off in the series, when the actors leave, there is usually some kind of closure, especially for those who have been in the series as long as Teddy and Owen. It would be quite unexpected if Grey’s Anatomy completed its journey in the form in which it is now.

As Raver says, Teddy and Owen have many more stories to tell. After their time has fallen by decades, they have only recently settled into family life with their children, which offers a range of storytelling opportunities. “Anatomy of Passion” may also follow the inevitable legal battle when Owen and Teddy are either found or decide to return. The challenge will be different from Meredith’s fight for a medical license in season 16, although the series will likely find a way to do it. Hopefully, in the coming months, Raver and her colleagues will be able to tell more about the 19th season of “Anatomy of Passion.”