Details of the Apex Legends Beast of Prey Collection event leaked online


New details about the upcoming event of the Apex Legends collection have appeared online, including the addition of a family heirloom, some skins, sources of inspiration and a potential release date. As many fans know, Collectible Events are one of the largest in—game events held in Apex Legends, and players are guaranteed a family heirloom if they all purchase these skins.

Of course, the Apex Legends data development community has always been active, and these details usually appear on the internet in advance. For example, skins for the Apex Legends Halloween event have already appeared online, and there are even more details about this new collector’s event.

According to various data and leaks first collected by Dexerto, the next collector’s event is called Beast of Prey. It is expected that the Apex Legends will add a family heirloom of Loba, who, judging by recent comic events, seems to be a fan of the war. Collector’s events usually take place around the middle of the season, so the leaked start date of September 20 makes sense. Because of this, fans can expect a new trailer relatively soon.

As seen above, the KralRindo data miner has demonstrated a number of skins found in the Apex Legends game files, which are expected to be released at the event. All of them, including the release date, are associated with the HunterPredator file name. The video shows skins for Gibraltar, PP Car, Long Bow, Hemlock, Slave and new banners. Obviously, there will be more of them, but this indicates a certain theme of the event.

Notably, many of these Apex Legends skins seem to be inspired by Alien and Predator, although straight Easter eggs are unlikely. However, the Apex Legends anime event wore its inspiration on its sleeves, so it’s not surprising that this will happen too. It’s fun to imagine how this theme might apply to other characters in Apex Legends, and since it’s supposed to start pretty soon, fans will probably find out more.

In addition, fans know that other LTMs are certainly possible, and further on the horizon is the 15th season of Apex Legends. In the 13th and 14th seasons, the popular name Battle Royale has undergone many changes, but it’s probably even more changes in general. meta and maybe even a rating mode of Apex Legends is on the way.

Apex Legends is already available for mobile devices, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.


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