Details of Rebecca’s story in the third season of Ted Lasso tease the star


Ted Lasso Season 3 star Hannah Waddingham teases details of the story of her character, Rebecca Welton. Originally created as a series of commercials for the defunct NBC sports channel to promote the Barclay Premier League, the Apple TV+ show focuses on American football coach Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis), after Welton hired him to manage the English football team. AFC Richmond. After the show’s release, Ted Lasso received critical acclaim for a delightful combination of culturally shocking humor, inspiring tone and charming acting by a diverse cast.

After Welton’s public divorce from former AFC Richmond CEO Rupert Mannion (Anthony Head) Welton hires an inexperienced Lasso to secure the team’s demotion to anger her ex-husband. However, she is fascinated by the domineering charisma and optimism of her new manager. During his newfound love for the team and an attempt to assert himself as a force to be reckoned with, Welton inadvertently strikes up a relationship with one of his players, Sam Obisanya (Tohib Jimo). Although she initially gives in to her desires, Welton later separates from Sam as she understands the risk she is putting herself and Sam at.

In an interview with EW, Waddingham teased Welton’s upcoming story in the third season of Ted Lasso. her feelings for Sam. Waddingham also said that Welton still lacks confidence in the future. She still has to walk a decent distance to get to the place with relative comfort and find out who she is. Read below what Waddingham said about Welton in season three.

It ended on a good note. I think she ended on a confusing note about Sam because there’s electricity and lightness between them, but was she excited enough by the age difference to leave it behind or rekindle it. Who knows? We’ll see! But the most important thing for me was that I thought: “Can’t she be completely together?” I don’t feel like Rebecca and I have come all this way because she didn’t know how to act to suddenly collect all of her, so I thought: “If she takes a couple of steps forward, maybe she’ll take three or four steps back instead of one?” And I’m happy to report that she’s just as completely ignorant in her life as the rest of us really are!

Although Welton has made great strides as the owner of AFC Richmond, going from disdaining the team and wanting to destroy what Rupert loved to becoming a tough businesswoman and helping Lasso bring the team back to the top division, she still has a way to firmly establish herself as a major player in the English football world.. But more importantly, she has yet to gain a sense of self-confidence that would help her complete this part of her life journey. According to Waddingham, in the third season of Ted Lasso, Welton is still struggling in a relative place, being “completely clueless” about what she’s doing. However, she is likely to be supported by her steadfastly supportive friends like Lasso and Keely Jones (Juno Temple).

Since AFC Richmond will be promoted at the end of Ted Lasso’s second season, Welton will face West Ham United, the team her ex-husband bought, twice during the regular season. This will be a test of Welton’s resolve, as she will have to speak out against the man who actually put her on the most turbulent emotional trip. Since Ted Lasso season 3 is likely to be released on Apple TV+ in 2023, viewers will have to be patient to see how Welton completes his journey.


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