Details of Onew’s First Solo Concert From SHINee “O-NEW-NOTE” Have Been Announced: Date, Place and Much More!


It is reported that Onew from SHINee will hold his first solo concert in March this year.

Do you want to know more about the event? Then read on!

It is reported that Onew from SHINee will hold the first solo concert “ON-NEW-NOTE”
On January 26, SM Entertainment published details about Onew’s first solo concert from SHINee. The agency released an official poster, which showed a bright photo with the name of the concert “ONEW 1st CONCERT – O-NEW-NOTE”.

It will be held from March 4 to 5 at the Songpa Olympic Hall in Seoul. The second day of the concert will be broadcast live around the world for those who will not be able to attend. It will be broadcast on Beyond Live.

As for the concert tickets, they will be sold through the online booking site Yes24, which will be engaged in distribution. On February 7, the fan club’s pre-sale will open at 14:00.

Meanwhile, the general pre-sale will be available at 20:00 on February 9th. Tickets will be in digital form instead of the usual paper coupon. This is due to SM Entertainment’s “Sustainability Movement”.

In addition, more details about online ticket booking will be announced in the near future. It is expected that the Shawols will set up SHINEE’s official accounts on social networks, as well as on Beyond Live.

SHINee’s Onew debuted as a solo artist in 2018, releasing his first EP “Voice”. To expand his solo career, Idol also released “Dice” in 2022 and his first full-length album “Life Goes On”.

Onew also released his digital single “Dance Whole Day” in 2022. It is known that due to his thriving solo career, the idol actively participates in group activities.

Onew from SHINee became emotional during the rehearsal of “Selene 8.23”
From other news: Onew from SHINee became emotional during the rehearsal.

On August 3, JTBC “Sea of Hope” completed its activities in Pohang. During the preview of the upcoming episode, the clip attracted attention thanks to SHINee’s song “Selene 6.23”.

The song was written by the late Jonghyun from SHINee and is dedicated to the biggest supermoon of 2013. It is also a memorable track for the SHINee, Shawols fandom.

In the preview, Onew and singer Sunwoo Jung-a did a cover of the song. Onew could not contain his emotions and asked for a timeout. The idol stated: “I feel like I’m going to cry.”

In the official performance, the Shawols empathized with Onew. They highly appreciated Onew’s courage to sing the song, despite the fact that he was emotional at the rehearsal.

See their comments below:

“I can literally see Onewholding back tears and giving his all to the performance. Jonghyun’s lyrics, Onew’s voice and precious memories make this song so special.”

“Great respect for Onew. Before he sang this song, he wanted to run away and cry. But he was able to cope with his feelings and sang from the bottom of his heart. .”

“As a devil, I feel incredibly lucky and grateful that Jinki has become the leader of the best band in history. He is so strong, brave and always does his best for his younger brothers. He is literally the purest, most humble, most precious person. be ever.”

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