Details of iPhone 12 Series Camera and Battery Revealed


Max Weinbach, known for leaks with smartphones, made statements about the iPhone 12 series to be announced tomorrow. Referring to the camera and battery features of the phones, Weinbach says that the phones can zoom digitally up to 30x.

US-based technology giant Apple will announce new iPhone models at an event it will organize tomorrow. In the information leaked so far, it was said that the iPhone 12 series will appear in four different models. If the promotional watches are tinny, new information has emerged about the cameras and batteries of the new iPhone models.

According to the statements made by Max Weinbach, the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 will have a wide-angle main camera and an ultra-wide-angle camera. iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are said to have a wide-angle main camera and ultra-wide-angle camera, as well as a telephoto camera and will come with the LIDAR sensor.

Making statements about the LIDAR sensor, Weinbach says that the LIDAR sensor, which will be found in the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, will be used for AR games and other AR technologies. In this case, it seems that the portrait mode video shooting feature, which was previously mentioned, is either left to another spring or will be provided with iOS software support.

Weinbach also says that the iPhone 12 Pro will have 4x optical zoom and the iPhone 12 Pro Max will have 5x optical zoom, while all variants can have digital zoom up to 30x. The digital zoom feature will likely bring together multiple frames by zooming in at different rates. HDR 3 and Deep Fusion algorithms will also take care of the rest, resulting in high quality zoomed images.

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New claims about the camera hardware of the iPhone 12 series are not limited to these. Weinbach says the iPhone 12 Pro Max will also feature a macro camera that will allow it to focus more closely on an object. Allegedly, this will be done with an ultra-wide-angle camera with 35 percent increased aperture compared to the current model. We can also say that the wider aperture will also improve low light shots.

The last claim regarding the camera performance of the iPhone 12 is about the video shooting capabilities of these phones. According to Weinbach, the iPhone 12 series will be able to shoot 4K video at 120 fps or 240 fps. In this way, it seems that professional video shooting with iPhones will be a few more steps.

In addition to the camera features of the iPhone 12 series, Weinbach also made some statements about the battery capacity of the phone. However, these statements are not very pleasant. Because, according to Weinbach, the battery of the iPhone 12 mini would not even be as much as the iPhone 11. Pro variants will offer 1 hour more use than existing models. In addition, Weinbach said that the FaceID technologies of these phones will be much more advanced and that users can unlock the screen both faster and at wider angles, and states that the iPhone 12 mini will come with a redesigned notch structure. With the statements to be made by Apple tomorrow, all the details of the iPhone 12 series will be revealed.


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