Details of foldable iPhone leak in Apple tests


After the first foldable smartphone hit the market in mid-2019, and was followed by renowned companies, such as Samsung, that adopted the idea for affordable models, it seems that Apple’s turn to invest in this segment, at least that’s what reports the Bloomberg website, based on information from “a person familiar with the work” of Apple.

According to the leak, who asked not to be identified, Apple Inc. has started work on an iPhone project with a foldable screen and has been looking for foldable screens that feature an “invisible hinge with electronic components positioned behind the screen”.

In addition, the company reportedly placed an order, in September last year, for “large numbers” of Samsung folding monitors for use in laboratory tests. However, the work carried out was not just a single screen, which means that the Cupertino company does not yet have complete prototypes at its facilities.

Several rumors about the foldable iPhone

According to the informant responsible for the leaks, Apple has internally discussed a number of screen sizes, including one similar to the 6.7-inch screen on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. A possible foldable iPhone would allow the company to launch a device with a larger screen. in a more portable package.

It is worth mentioning that Apple routinely researches a large number of products and technologies that never reach the market. However, the information presented by the Bloomberg informant coincides in many points with a report submitted in August last year by youtuber Jon Prosser.

Although some sites, such as the Economic Daily last November, announced a possible plan for launching the foldable iPhone in 2022, that prediction seems a little hasty, since Apple tests reported by the two leakers are still in their early stages. .


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