Details Are Emerging About The Public Arrest of Bam Margera Under The Influence of Alcohol, and His Child Was There


Details are beginning to emerge about the recent arrest of reality show host and skateboarder Bam Margera, who spent several tumultuous years in the public eye. According to reports, Marghera was arrested for public intoxication after making a scene at a Thai restaurant in Burbank, where his ex-wife Nikki Boyd was eating with their 5-year-old son Phoenix. The incident was captured on video, and it shows a clearly upset Bam yelling at his estranged partner, and he seems upset because she doesn’t allow him to spend time with their 5-year-old son Phoenix.

The disturbing video was obtained by TMZ and posted on their website on March 31, 2023. Margera can be seen yelling at Boyd and causing a disturbance in the restaurant. He seems upset that she won’t let him spend time with their son, and tells her that Phoenix has “his own opinion.” Margera can be seen stomping on the ground and yelling at Boyd to “let him have his own opinion.”

According to a report released by Burbank Police, they responded to a call from an exotic Thai restaurant on North San Fernando Boulevard shortly before 4 p.m. after receiving reports of a “verbal violation.” Upon arrival, officers reportedly found the “Weirdos” star in a heated argument with a woman, and he seemed unable to stay together due to heavy alcohol intoxication, which led to his arrest. Fortunately for all participants, the situation did not escalate further than the verbal altercation.

Regular customers of the restaurant told the publication that the Viva La Bam star entered the restaurant himself, walked up to the table where Nikki and Phoenix were sitting, and started talking to them for a while before something made him lose his temper. This is the second arrest of the figure skater this month. The events that took place at the restaurant followed a recent arrest for domestic violence. Although Margera insists on her innocence, police were called to a house in Escondido, California, because of a domestic dispute, and a woman who said she lived with Margera claimed that he kicked her. Based on this information, the authorities took the TV star into custody.

Bam Margera’s struggle for sobriety was an ongoing issue that attracted a lot of media attention when he was fired from Jackass Forever. In recent months, his road to recovery took a positive direction when his once-graduate Weirdo, Steve-O, took Margera on tour with him to help him stay sober. While Steve-O reported that Bam was behaving at his best for most of the tour, things took a sad turn when the beloved stuntman allegedly “fell off the van” on the last night of the tour, which caused him to start ranting on social media. against his former friend and colleague Johnny Knoxville.

This is another sad turn of events in the life of a skateboarder and a continuation of the attempt to stay sober. Bam recently got a new tattoo on his face with his son’s name, vowing to be a “more real father,” apparently highlighting another attempt to start a new life. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he’s staying sober.

We at CinemaBlend hope that the MTV veteran will find peace and get his life and sobriety back on track. We are looking forward to better days, and hope that he will be able to reunite with his son and his Oddball buddies.


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