Details about Woojin and a fan’s harassment revealed


The girl who allegedly suffered harassment from former Stray Kids member Kim Woojin continues to post details about the incident and clarify the truth about what happened that night with the idol.

Great controversy has been going on in social networks since yesterday, when a1b3c4s9, an anonymous Twitter user revealed that he experienced sexual harassment by a Korean celebrity in an establishment and that the person’s name began with ‘W’, that the idol used to be part of one of the three most famous companies in K-pop, better known as ‘Big 3’.

Netizens quickly started saying that the idol was Woojin, a former member of Stray Kids. Although the dancer clarified the situation by publishing a message where he denied the accusations saying that it was not about him. Woojin’s name continues to be a trend on various social networks.

The user a1b3c4s9 before deleting his Twitter account, wrote some posts about the harassment he experienced, his feelings and how he was after sharing something so strong, in some messages you could read:

Hi, I’m really scared reading all the comments, I thought talking about it would help, but everyone is talking about this and I feel like they are screaming inside my head

He also revealed that many people have been insistently looking for him private information to find out who she is, the girl explained that she is not of Korean nationality. Although it has been said that Kim Woojin severely abused the girl, she clarified that the sexual harassment involved a series of inappropriate touching, she touched him. Due to the trauma, she does not want to remember those moments.

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He stressed that she never mentioned a specific name, but each person bears the consequences of their actions, adding that:

This is already haunting me body and soul, I don’t want to put this in my name too

a1b3c4s9 ended her publications with a few words, left a message for all Internet users expressing that she would deactivate the account used by her and create another because it has taken her a long time to assimilate what happened, the Internet user ended by saying:

I won’t reveal my identity because I don’t think it’s necessary

The company representing the idol has not released any reports or press releases, so the person’s statements remain rumors.

In the meantime, this topic continues to be talked about, as K-pop fans have set their different positions on the situation, sparking a series of debates about the rumors and accusations against Woojin.

Leave us in the comment box your opinion about this situation involving Kim Woojin.

the first one said she never created other accounts (she’s back now). The other are fake y’all

– tram_fennec | IN 生 | #iFlyWithJay (@tram_fennec) September 8, 2020
All these rumors started on social networks, we invite you to see: Woojin, former member of Stray Kids, is accused of sexual harassment.


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