Details About Ben Affleck’s Dealings With Dunkin Donuts After He Was Spotted Working at Drive-Thru


Batman and Robin. Cookies and sauce. Hammer and nails. Ben Affleck and Dunkin’ Donuts. What does this seemingly arbitrary list of paired things have in common? These are items that are synonymous with each other, and it would be hard to imagine that they do not fit together. Many of us have seen Affleck’s infamous memes showing a tired Ben carrying an order from Dunkin’, and countless paparazzi images of a man just going about his day trying to enjoy his favorite drink. Well, after the Daredevil actor was spotted working and serving his wife Jay Lo in one of the stores of the donut chain and coffee shops, it became known that he turned his love for the brand into a very lucrative deal. Well, the details of the cooperation have surfaced, and they are significant.

An internal source told ET Online that the “Phantoms” superstar allegedly signed a deal with Dunkin’ for “several million dollars,” which will include a donation to the Eastern Congo Initiative. This is an American non-profit organization that actress and politician Whitney Williams founded in 2010. The organization provides development grants and supports community development initiatives in the Democratic Republic of the Congo at the international level.

There are rumors that Ben Affleck’s recent appearance at the auto show is related to a TV commercial that will be broadcast during this year’s Super Bowl. That’s probably why J.Lo was spotted at the event. A source close to ET says that the ad in which Affleck was seen at work was the only idea of “Jersey Girl.” A source told ET:

Ben had planned everything and wanted something like a hidden camera ad.

It seems that the actor of “Surviving Christmas” not only knows how to get around the set, but also knows how to turn an Internet meme into a decent salary.

The timeline of Bennifer 2.0’s relationship (who unexpectedly got married in Vegas back in 2022) has been overblown. So fans will probably be happy to see the couple working together on screen, as they haven’t done this in over two decades. Fingers crossed that this team of two megastars is considered one of the best Super Bowl commercials of the year, and not a repeat of their disastrous last collaboration, Gigli.

Ironically, Ben is not the only Affleck who participated in the network’s advertising. In 2016, the younger brother of the actor of the “Man about the City”, Casey, starred in a hilarious parody of an advertisement for the show “Saturday Night Live”. The main joke is the loyalty of his Boston patrons, which makes sense because Dunkin’ Donuts hails from Massachusetts. We can only speculate whether Ben’s planned ad will draw as heavily on his roots and the brand’s roots in New England as it did in the parody of his brother. You can check out the short SNL sketch below:


I’ll be looking forward to seeing what Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez do in their stated Dunkin’ Donuts commercial. And, of course, they have more productions planned, as the couple is very busy. Jay Lo’s new movie “Shotgun Wedding” will be released on Amazon on January 27, and Affleck will return as Batman in “The Flash” on June 16. In the meantime, check out the schedule for the release of new films for 2023 to plan trips to cinemas in the new year.


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