Destructive opinions created by April’s fans

April Kepner was a character on Grey’s Anatomy who evoked polarizing opinions in fans but gradually made a place for herself on the show and even became loved over the years.

Grey’s Anatomy fans stuck with this trauma surgeon she identified with, but being the epitome of her sweetness didn’t mean she never did anything she shouldn’t be ashamed of.

Her indefinite stay in Iraq

Although she was completely justified in seeking a change of scenery after the tragedy, some fans believed that the lack of communication was the first sign that her and Jackson’s marriage was on the decline.

Then when she returned, she was ready to speak up and fight for her marriage. This seemed a bit unfair to Jackson, who had just started to process his own feelings and pain after holding them back for so long.

Be irritating

Before April Kepner (Sarah Drew) became a Grey’s Anatomy fan favorite and even after she was quite upset with her cloying sweetness and her nagging in the hospital.

Being medically negligent

April was one of the most conscientious doctors at the Seattle Grace / Gray Sloan Memorial. However, when she was still an intern for Mercy West, she made a mistake that cost a woman her life on Grey’s Anatomy.

The error was quite simple. April was distracted when a flood of severely injured patients arrived after a major fire. She forgot to check a patient’s airway and intubate her.

Resulting in the death of the patient on Grey’s Anatomy and although she did not do it intentionally, this was by far one of the worst things April did in her career.



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