Destruction AllStars will feature dynamic 4K resolution


The Lucid Games game will focus your experience on multiplayer modes. We know new technical aspects of the game for PS5.

Destruction AllStars is one of the video games launching for PlayStation 5 this November. The work, developed by Lucid Games, revealed this week new details about its multiplayer mode, combat system and special editions; whereas now we know that it will have dynamic 4K resolution at 60 FPS with HDR.

Like Ratchet & Clank: A separate dimension, which will be released in 2021, Destruction AllStars will bet on this way of offering its playability, with Ultra HD that may lower the resolution at some moments to be able to guarantee that 60 frame rate at all times per second.

The official PlayStation portal specifies that it will be dynamic 4K resolution with HDR enabled, but they do not detail the exact refresh rate. From WCCFTech, however, they have received official confirmation from Sony: it will move at 60 images per second.

It’s time to destroy everything: Destruction AllStars will be released on PS5

As explained in the original presentation of the game, in Destruction AllStars we will find a global sporting event where the objective is none other than to destroy, literally, as many vehicles as possible. A multiplayer with elements from Rocket League, Overwatch and other similar multiplayer titles where what we see on the screen between the eyes and the rubble are part of the game. Only one can be the champion, so we will have to collect objects, vehicles and items with which to unleash our skills. Plus, with the PS5’s adaptive triggers and tactile feedback, acceleration can be felt more precisely.

For those unfamiliar with Lucid Games, the studio in charge of development, they are an independent team based in Liverpool, England, since 2011. They were known until now for having worked closely with Rockstar Games, but never heard they had faced a title of this caliber.

PlayStation will have a large number of launch games throughout 2020. In this article we review all the confirmed titles for the console and all those that have guaranteed presence for this course.


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