Destruction AllStars (PS5) Now Available Free with PS Plus


The Lucid Games title comes to PlayStation Plus as a February and March free game on PS5 only. We explain how to download it from your console.

Starting this Tuesday, February 2, 2021, the free PS Plus games for the month of February are now available on PS4 and PS5. Sony’s subscription service for its consoles this month offers works like Control: Ultimate Edition, Concrete Genie and Destruction AllStars; the latter especially protagonist because it is exclusive for PS5 players and is, at the same time, exclusive to Sony. We can now download it, we explain how to do it in simple steps.

How to download Destruction AllStars for PS5 for free with PS Plus

Although Sony did not confirm time, Destruction AllStars is now available for PS5 completely free if we have an active PS Plus account. In case that is not the case, these are the current subscription modalities, which give access to online gaming, several free games per month and instant access to the collection of 20 PS Plus Collection games.

1 month PS Plus subscription: 8.99 euros
3-month PS Plus subscription: 24.99 euros (8.33 euros / month)
12-month PS Plus subscription: 59.99 euros (5.99 euros / month)

If we are already members of PS Plus, just follow the following steps from our console. It is necessary to have an Internet connection and at least 28 GB of free space on our SSD memory.

Turn on your PS5 and log in with your PlayStation Network account, which must be an account with an active PS Plus subscription.
Go to the search engine section, you do not need to go to the PS Store directly, and enter: Destruction AllStars.
Click on the game and you will see that it lets you add it to the library for free between February 2 and April 6, 2021. Add it to your library.
Now, if you have more than 27.09 GB, you will see that it is added to your download queue. Once it is completely downloaded – although it allows you to play by downloading the first 17 GB – you can start playing games.


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