Destruction AllStars presents its first gameplay on PS5


Lucid Games’ multiplayer title will arrive this February 2021 for all PS5 players with a PS Plus account. This is how it will look on screen.

After knowing the delay of Destruction AllStars to next February and as part of the catalog of free games for PS Plus on PS5, the new multiplayer title from Lucid Games has been seen in its first full gameplay, because until now we had not had access to a display of its gameplay.

The title, which will feature dynamic 4K resolution and 60 FPS, will allow you to play alone, with teams controlled by AI or with your friends in online multiplayer mode. The development team has explained that we will have several game modes. One of them will be Chaos, which will be a classic elimination game where whoever gets the highest score will be the winner. Carnado, on the other hand, will push this rule to the limit: the one who gets the most points wins, but to do this you have to destroy everything, steal parts of the vehicles from the rivals … The one who destroys the most vehicles, the most parts will win and, therefore, the more score you will have.

Accumulation is a classic capture and control, designed to play as a team and defend zones. Whoever captures the most banks wins. Finally, Fall, where only one can win. The objective is to send the rest of the players into the void in very narrow environments and with large cliffs. It’s an elimination until only one is left standing. Destruction AllStars will be updated throughout 2021 with new AllStars, challenge series and features.

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PS Plus games for November on PS4 and PS5; also, PS Plus Collection

The free games for the month of November for PS Plus are now available for download on PS4, which on November 12 will be complemented by the particular Bugsnax, a first-person adventure where living beings are half animal, half food. The game will be totally free for PS Plus subscribers on PlayStation 5 (PS5 only) until January 4, when a different game will be given away to subscribers.

Likewise, players who buy a PS5 and have an active PS Plus account will have unlimited access to download the PS Plus Collection, a collection of 20 defining titles from the PS4 catalog featuring works such as Persona 5, God of War, Uncharted 4 , The Last of Us Remastered, Days Gone, Resident Evil 7, Mortal Kombat X, Monster Hunter World, Until Down, Infamous Second Son and many more.

In February, this Destruction AllStars will finally arrive on PS Plus at no additional cost and with all the game modes available.

PS5 hits stores this November 12 in two models: one with a disc reader (499 euros) and the other without a disc reader (399 euros). If we do not have a reservation already confirmed in a store, it will not be possible to buy the console in store: Sony has determined that all those who do not have a reservation can only get their launch console online.


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