Destruction AllStars for PS5 introduces its pilots in trailer


Lucid Games’ new action and driving video game for PlayStation 5 presents its 16 AllStars in a frenzied video; available in February.

Destruction AllStars, the new multiplayer action and driving video game for up to 16 players from Lucid Games for PS5 and which will arrive in February, presents a new trailer in which we meet some of the 16 AllStars or drivers available in the title. And it does so through a frenzied video clip focused on the peculiar characters protagonists of the motorized battles that a game proposes that will also be available from day one on PlayStation Plus.

Meet 7 of the 16 pilots

Thus, and thanks to this new trailer, we can know in detail 7 of the 16 AllStars of this new PlayStation 5 video game, pilots who will even be able to get off their mounts at specific moments in which they are fired or are left without a vehicle in full pitched battle. The pilots chosen for this occasion are Ultimo Barricado, Boxtop, Harmony, Sgt. Recue, Tinkle Riot, Génesis and Jian.

All in all, this is the first time we’ve gotten to know some of the Destruction AllStars riders more closely. And it is that each pilot will have their own abilities and vehicles, with their strengths and weaknesses; Of course, it will also be possible to combine the characteristics of each AllStar with those of any of the available vehicles, with which we will have at our disposal a wide range of possibilities for each player to find their ideal combination.

Let’s remember that Destruction AllStars will bet on taking advantage of the unique characteristics of the DualSense, either through the adaptive triggers or through haptic vibration. The news from the British studio Lucid Games with Sony Interactive Entertainment is scheduled to arrive on PS5 sometime next February, on a date yet to be specified, also available from day one on PS Plus.


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