Destroy all people! 2: Reprobed presents a new gameplay trailer during the THQ Nordic demo


After many years of inactivity, 2020 brought fans a remake of the 2005 alien invasion parody Destroy All Humans! The remake received enough positive reviews to warrant a sequel, and developer Black Forest Games returned with a remake of the sequel released in 2006. There are a little less than a few weeks left before the release of Destroy All Humans! 2: Re-launches, a new trailer was presented at the THQ Nordic Showcase, telling about the sworn enemies of the Furon Empire, Bliske.

Destroy all people! 2: Reprobed takes everything that made the original great and upgrades it with the powerful Unreal Engine 4. The action takes place ten years after the events of the first game, Cryptosporidium embarks on a trip around the world after discovering a sinister conspiracy taking place right under his nose. Similar to the first release of Black Forest Games in the series, Reprobed will be a faithful remake that boasts a significantly improved game cycle with the newest trailer dedicated to the battle against familiar alien invaders and the love interest of Crypto.

Deep in enemy territory, Crypto and Pox are caught off guard when they discover that Blisk is on Earth after a previous war with Blisk that apparently wiped out the species. Instead of making peace, Crypto immediately enters the fray using a set of familiar weapons such as a Disintegrating Beam and an Anal Probe, which the latter weapon has little effect on them, according to Pox’s narrative. However, Crypto is determined to destroy them, despite the weapons and the numerous disadvantages he faces.

Like the main character of Crypto, Blisk will travel the world trying to infect people and carry out their insidious plans. The last end of the trailer focuses on Crypto’s exploits around the world, as Blisk is not the only enemies he will face with the KGB and local authorities trying to stop him. Players will need to use all his psychokinetic abilities, and they will have plenty of opportunities to jump into the iconic flying saucer to wreak havoc and defeat everyone who stands in front of him.

After many years of inactivity, the return of Destroy All Humans! it was a long-awaited spectacle for many and a very valuable return to the early days of the games. Some of the previews of Reprobed have been positive, and if this game is released in the coming days, gamers will be able to see a completely new adventure for the main character of the alien invader in the future.

Destroy all people! 2: Reprobed will go on sale on August 30 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.


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