Destroy All Humans! analysis A great stomp for humanity!


The celebrated 2005 title receives its own remake for PC, PS4 and Xbox One; Let’s see how Crypto has fared this facelift in our analysis.

Many will remember the light-hearted action adventure Destroy All Humans! from 2005 that came to the market during the generation of PS2 and Xbox by Pandemic Studios, a remarkable video game that put us in the shoes of an evil alien who had a single objective, which was none other than to kill humans, such and as its title suggests. Now, and 15 years after its original launch, its new version arrives in the form of a remake ‒and not a simple remastering‒ for the current generation, that is, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Work of Black Forest Games with THQ Nordic , this new update of the adventures and misadventures of the Bighead Crypto-137 aims to recover a way of understanding the medium that boldly points to direct fun, without great artifices and maintaining the same spirit of yesteryear, not without offering small updates of control here and there, plus a deep facelift for such a hooligan sci-fi vision of the mid-20th century.

A great stomp for humanity!

The original installment of Destroy All Humans! At the time it was a breath of fresh air to the most arcade adventures that, far from resorting to elaborate scripts or complex game mechanics, served us on a tray a kind of small open worlds in which to make the thug through an endless number of Sci-fi cliches of the 50s, with the UFO theme as the central axis of his crazy proposal. A title that was far from perfect, it did offer fun and self-confidence with a very personal sense of humor and even a certain irony about Yankee patriotism and its most ridiculous ways of brainwashing its citizens. And speaking of brains, Crypto will need many of them to develop its abilities and those of its flying saucer; but we leave that for later.

With this premise, both THQ Nordic and the German studio Blask Forest Games have wanted to recover that spirit that worked so well in the mid-2000s to create a new vision of the original work through deep updating, yes, more visually than in its development or mechanics, practically unchanged after a decade and a half. And although the game has been remade from scratch, the central pillars of it have remained unchanged, a detail that those who played the original will quickly detect; from control to missions, through the original voices, challenges, the script and all the features that make up the game. Of course, certain aspects have been updated so that the sensations at the controls do not feel so much from another era, polishing the occasional feature and even adding some unpublished material, achieving relative success in this regard.

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Destroy All Humans! It captivated as much for its setting as for its plot, a whole parody of 1950s American science fiction in which UFOs and invading aliens were the order of the day. The original title of the ill-fated Pandemic already used all kinds of cliches of the genre, all to build a simple but effective script in which there is no shortage of alien heads, flying saucers, abductions, men in black, the military, atomic bombs, fake news , brainwashes, robots, radioactive cows, anal probes and anything crazy related to such a hilarious theme. And in the remake there is nothing missing, which we are very happy about.

In the same way, its crazy plot remains completely unchanged, a script that introduces us to the alien race of the Furons, from the planet Furon, some aliens who have been visiting Earth for a while with the aim of conquering it, but who decide to precipitate events after the incident of one of his exploratory aliens, Crypto-136, whose flying saucer crashes in Rockwell. In order to find out what has happened to their clone compatriot, Orthopox-13 and Cryptosporodium-137 decide to start a rescue mission that will lead to a full-blown invasion at the hands of such a peculiar pair of aliens, with the good guy from Crypto visiting places like a cow farm, a military installation or a typically Yankee city as a funny parody.

As we say, the development of the title is exactly the same as the original, that is, we are offered up to six different open environments in which to carry out missions (revisiting them according to the development of events), either to fulfill the missions main and secondary or to collect collectibles, overcome challenges or simply do what we want by exploiting the many tools that the game offers at the gameplay level. The structure is always the same: we use the mothership as a base, since be it to choose mission, improve the abilities of Crypto or its flying saucer or change the appearance of the protagonist alien, among other possibilities. Once an already unlocked mission or scenario has been chosen to freely explore or overcome challenges, Crypto descends to Earth in her ship to access the desired level.


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