Destiny Raid Easter Egg Finally Becomes Important in King’s Fall D2 Version


While Destiny 2 is slowly approaching the final stages of its Light and Dark saga and therefore approaching the final form of the rich and legendary universe of the franchise, developer Bungie is not afraid to have a little fun with the game amid all the cosmic horror that is happening now. Humorous jokes and mocking characters are quite common, which adds color to the gloomy narrative.

The latest example of this is, in fact, Destiny 2’s rendition of the classic King’s Fall raid from the first Destiny, the old Oryx’s Basketball Court Easter egg. It was difficult to get into this mysterious room in the first game, and it offered players almost nothing interesting, except the opportunity to soak a few magic spheres in a game of improvised basketball. However, in Destiny 2, completing the puzzle will unlock the Touch of Malice catalyst.

After King’s Fall became available in Destiny 2 during the daily reset on August 26, veteran players began to explore the legendary raid and find out what has changed since D1. As with the previous returning raid, Vault of Glass, King’s Fall is very similar to its original version, except for a few additions and changes that make things interesting and balanced in the current meta. After the “Touch of Malice” finally fell to some lucky players, they visited the Oryx basketball court, dipped several spheres of the tomb and received the “Touch of Malice” catalyst, which improves weapons with the “Quick Strike” perk.

As Eclipse shows, the Destiny 2 player and his battle group in a joint video, all six players need to quickly throw as many tombs into the “network” as possible, and doing this in a fairly quick sequence should reward everyone who owns the Exotic Touch of Malice Scout Rifle with an appropriate catalyst. By adding this particular Catalyst to this particular Easter egg, the studio shows that it understands and cherishes the legacy of the game.

Now that the raid race for the world’s first King’s Fall completion is over, players who avoided the difficult first completion and instead enjoyed three new Destiny 2 Season of Plunder quests during the event can upgrade to the regular King’s Fall version when they catch the time. The raid already has one of the most exciting weapons available in the game, like the Scout rifle, which can use Dragonfly and Firefly perks at the same time, so most players will want to check it out.

However, those who don’t have six people ready to work can wait until Destiny 2: Lightfall adds guardian ranks to the game. This feature, combined with the in-game LFG board, will allow even solo players to quickly find their raid groups at any time. Thus, getting Touch of Malice and getting a catalyst should become simpler tasks by the time Lightfall is released.

Destiny 2 is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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