Destiny Patrol: season 3 filming started


It’s official: the third season of Doom Patrol has already started filming. Initially, the series would only be a spin-off of Titans, from DC Comics streaming, but managed to remain as the main series.

The series tells the story of a group of misfits who, after individual tragedies, discover themselves with strange abilities. Under the tutelage of Chief (Timothy Dalton), the Destiny Patrol supports itself and becomes a family somewhat unlikely.

The first season of Doom Patrol was maintained exclusively on DC Comics streaming. The second season had HBO Max as its new home and the third season will be exclusive to the channel.

The second season of Doom Patrol aired from June to August 2020 and ended with nail-biting anguish when little Dorothy Spinner prepared to face the Candlemaker alone. The fans were stunned, especially since they didn’t know if the series would be renewed for an upcoming season.

In September, HBO Max announced the 3rd season of Destiny Patrol and fans were comforted to know that the suspense would be resolved. The new season has yet to be aired, but Thom Williams, stunt coordinator, shared a behind-the-scenes image on social media confirming that the series has started production.

The recordings are following all safety protocols and, if the 3rd season is not delayed, it may premiere until the end of the year. But if the outbreak occurs due to the pandemic, fans will need to wait until 2022.


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