Destiny Passes The 187 Million Unique Player Mmark


Anyone who thinks that Destiny is a little lost and forgotten by both the news and the players should think again. In her most recent blog post This Week at Bungie, the developer revealed that since the release of the first game until now, we’ve had no less than 187 million unique players!

Together they have added an impressive 9.8 billion hours of gameplay. With a little math, you can say that, on average, each Destiny adventurer spent around 53 hours exploring the game’s missions!

The trend is for these numbers to rise even more as, according to the company’s latest report, the number of players continues to rise with each new season of content.

Trials of Osiris returned last week with a few changes to the mode, which seems to have completely pleased the crowd. According to Bungie, 750,000 players played the Challenges, 120,000 of which were complete rookies, and 470,000 were back after a short while.

In other words, Destiny 2 seems to be in great shape to receive its next expansion, The Witch Queen, which arrives in the beginning of 2022. But what about you, what do you think of the current state of this shooter? Are you satisfied with the direction of the updates and looking forward to the future? Let us know in the comments below!


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