Destiny Accuses Adept of “Hunting for Gold” at xQc Amid Divorce Drama


YouTube streamer Destiny accused Adept of “hunting for gold”, hoping to get part of xQc’s assets as part of the alleged divorce process.

Information has leaked to the network that xQc and Adept are in the divorce process. Neither side has officially confirmed the information that has emerged, which has led to unbridled speculation.

Turning to the dispute, Fate presented the theory that the couple had never been officially married, but that the Adept could seek a divorce on the basis of a “civil marriage”.

Destiny responded to the information provided by Henry Resilience and shared his opinion on the situation in his stream on January 24.

Destiny suggests that the Adept is “hunting for gold”

“I think what the Adept is trying to do, she is trying to make an argument that she and xQc probably fulfilled the requirement for a civil marriage, so now she is trying to file for divorce,” Destiny said.

“Because when she divorces xQc, she will be entitled to a certain amount of his assets that have been accumulated during the marriage. This is what she is trying to do, dig for gold, paradoxically,” he suggested live on air.

Reactions to Destiny’s actions were divided. “Damn it, man. I could tell you that,” one user commented. While another agreed: “Common law and divorce settlement are designed for things that, while they can be abused, are usually a good thing. This situation is just a hunt for gold in every conceivable way.”

Others, however, simply called it a “hot take.” Another viewer commented: “I start to disagree with people when they say that she has always been a money hunter and that all this time she only needed his money.”

At the time of writing, neither xQc nor Adept have made any statements regarding the rumors.


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