Destiny 2’s Improved Thunderer May Become a Dream in Endgame Content


The season of Ghosts in Destiny 2 is almost over, and in less than two weeks Bungie will launch season 18 and reveal more information about the Lightfall expansion in a special August showcase very similar to last year’s. Since Bungie keeps its cards to itself when it comes to the Arc 3.0 update, details about season 18, and the re-raid that will begin three days after the start of the season, the company’s latest TWAB touched on some other hot topics in the community. In fact, many Destiny 2 players have been calling for Omnioculus and Lord of Wolves to be weakened in PvP due to how meta-defining they have been for some time, and Bungie has complied with them.

Along with various nerfs, numerous buffs also stood out, especially for PvE players. An example is Destiny 2’s Le Monarque, which was given a huge buff that now forces its poison arrows to have built-in overload protection rounds, which arguably makes this exotic one of the best in the entire game in terms of high-quality content. Since the endgame content in Destiny 2 is often filled with champions, such as Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes, another important boost that is likely to make a big difference is the Thunderlord boost.

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Why Thunderer can become a Meta-weapon in Destiny 2

Thunderlord is an exotic machine gun that usually does a great job with mobs in any situation, quickly dealing with weaker enemies. While this is not always considered a valuable trait due to machine guns using heavy ammunition, and due to the fact that cleaning add-ons becomes exponentially easier over time due to the creep of power, the presence of built-in anti-overload cartridges in the 18th season of Thunder Lord may well change the situation. here. This is because overload champions are some of the most annoying enemies to deal with in Destiny 2, and a special weapon that stuns them at every turn is always a good addition.

This positive effect is quite significant, and the reason here is threefold. Let’s start with the fact that in the “Ghosts” season, the machine guns received a decent damage buff, which means that it will be very easy to defeat the champions with the help of the “Lord of Thunder”. In fact, the 40 percent increase in damage given to machine guns applies to every enemy in Destiny 2, whereas this bonus is halved against bosses so as not to make machine guns mandatory against them. In this case, the Thunderbolt can stun the champions with several bullets, and then break them with his exotic perk.

The second reason why this buff is so important is that the Thunderer is a power weapon, and therefore it uses heavy ammunition, which means that players can safely use this machine gun to fight champions and allocate another slot between kinetic and energy only for anti—Champion weapons. This means that having Thunderlord as the very first exotic with internal ammo against overload can free up a slot for players to use other weapons, increasing the variety of builds. For example, Destiny 2 players can use the slot for a free sniper rifle, a thermonuclear rifle or a grenade launcher without compromising utility.

Finally, Thunderlord is an Arc weapon that is being improved ahead of the season when the Arc 3.0 update comes out, which means it could become even more powerful depending on how Bungie handles the rework. It has been suggested several times that one of the keywords for Arc 3.0 could be “chain”, as many Arc effects allow players to connect lightning bolts between enemies, dealing damage in a decent area. Overall, the buffs made for Thunderlord are very interesting and can make this weapon much more powerful than it is, especially with a new focus on arc damage and arc subclasses.

Destiny 2 is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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