Destiny 2 Will Have Three Days of Crossplay in Beta Test


Destiny 2: It has been a long wait, but the success Destiny 2 is finally about to receive crossplay support! According to developer Bungie, between the 25th and the 27th of May there will be a beta test of Vanguard Strikes focused on gameplay between different platforms.

The idea is to use the data obtained during this test period to continue working in full support for crossplay. Thus, Steam, Stadia, PlayStation and Xbox players will be able to participate in the beta crossplay, and whoever completes the three Vanguard Strikes will still earn an exclusive badge as a reward!

The only drawback for now is that it will not be possible to add friends or form teams in the beta, but both will be enabled in the official launch of crossplay support, which should happen in Season 15 of content, in our spring of 2021.

Are you looking forward to playing Destiny 2 with your friends from other platforms? Comment below!


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