Destiny 2: Where is Zur today? Locations and exotic items for September 16-20


Objectively, the sexiest creature alive, Zur, is now living in Destiny 2 for the weekend before being reset next week. If you want to get a shiny new exotic armor or weapon for your Guardian, look no further.

Each week, Zur receives a random set of exotic armor, one for each Guardian class, as well as random exotic weapons and an exotic engram available for purchase. In addition to his exotic goods, he has a random collection of legendary weapons and armor to decorate your Guards.

We have collected all the information about Xr for the week, including where to find Xr, what exotic weapons and armor are available, as well as what legendary weapons you should pick up for PvE or PvP.

Where is Zur this weekend?

The location of Zur can be found today in the Grave of the Observer on Ness from September 16 to 20. To get to it, go to the landing point in the Observer’s Grave. When you arrive, go straight to the mahogany tree covered with moss. Climb up the roots and at the top you will find Zur waiting to sell you exotic items and legendary weapons.

Zur can be found in the trees in the Observer’s Grave on Ness.

What is Zur selling this weekend?

Exotic offers of Zur this weekend.

Exotic engram

Two-tailed Fox – Exotic rocket launcher

Fragments of Galanor – Exotic Hunter Gloves

3 Mobility 21 Resilience 9 Recovery 9 Discipline 11 Intellect10 Strength of all: 63

Hallowfire Heart – Exotic Titanium Breastplate

14 Mobility 3 Resilience 16 Restoration7 Discipline 9 Intellect16 Strength of all: 65

Transversive Steps – Exotic armor for the legs of a warlock

3 Mobility 2 Resilience 26 Restoration12 Discipline 6 Intellect10 Strength of all: 59

There’s nothing surprising this week (other than the Two-Tailed Fox rocket launcher, which you should pick up if you don’t have one), since the best armor we got was a Titan breastplate with 65 overall stats. However, Galanor Shards are still a must for sun Hunters, so consider picking them up if you don’t have them, even if they’re not impressive.

Exotic weapons

Every week XûR sells Hawkmoon & Dead Man’s Tale.

Hawkmoon – Exotic hand cannon

Paracausal Shot A long barrel made of alloys with a polymer handle

“The Story of a Dead Man” — an exotic scout rifle

Cranial Studded Hammer-cut Armor-piercing cartridges Movable target Composite Stock

None of these weapons have particularly impressive results this week, so I’d say it’s easy. Let’s see what Zur gives us next week, okay?

Legendary weapons

Offers of the legendary weapon of Zura this weekend.

Imperial Needle – Battle Bow

Tactile thread/Natural Thread Carbon Boom rod/Fiberglass Arrow Shaft Pulse Ampswashbuckler Charging Time/Drawing time Workshop work

Iota Draconis – Fusion Rifle

Elongated trunk/Full-pass improved battery/Liquid coils Heating is turned into a corner during charging Workshop work

Intervention VI – Grenade launcher

Hard Launch/Quick Launch Thermoplastic Grenades/High Explosive Ammunition Field Preparation Full Cortexvelocity Masterwork

Ignition code – grenade launcher

Flying grenade launcher/Linear Compensatorship Grenades/Implosion cartridges Excess Dangerous Zonamaster Reloading speed

Royal Chase — Scout Rifle

Cartridge compensator/Polygonal rifling Tactical store/Enlarged Shopmog Robberquickdrawreload Speed Masterwork

Lonely – Personal weapon

Arrowhead Brake/Polygonal RiflingFlared Magwell/LightmagZen MomentKill ClipRange Masterwork

Enigma Draw — personal weapon

Shortspec SAS/Tactic SAS Added Mag/Light Mag Triple Tap Destructorhandling Masterwork

The Imperial Needle roll is pretty good if you like bows, and the Lone Personal Weapon roll is just fantastic in our current PvP meta. I would recommend these two, but otherwise the choice this week is small!

This week, Zur is selling TWO sets of armor for each class. At first glance, it seems that one may exist exclusively for collections/transmogrification (very low characteristics), while the other contains possibly more desirable throws.

Legendary Warlock Armor

For warlocks, XûR sells the Illicit Invader and Pathfinder kits, which include:

The legendary armor of Zur for warlocks this week.

Illegal Invader Gloves

16 Mobility 10 Resilience 2 Recovery 6 Discipline 14 Intellect10 Strength of all: 58

The breastplate of an illegal invader

17 Mobility 7 Resilience 7 Restoration21 Discipline 9 Intellect2 Strength of all: 63

Helmet of an illegal invader

6 Mobility 9 Resilience 17 Recovery 6 Discipline 10 Intellect15 Strength of all: 63

Greaves of an illegal invader

12 Mobility 9 Resilience 8 Restoration26 Discipline 2 Intellect2 Strength of this: 59

The bonds of an illegal invader

The helmet and breastplate received decent throws for Warlocks this week, although neither of them should be written about in the “Tower”. If you don’t need mediocre Warlock armor this week, it’s likely that Zur’s visit will pass without incident.

As for the Ranger armor set, Zur sells it, but its characteristics are so low that it is not worth listing it here. Of course, grab it if you need it for collections and for no other reason – I forbid you.


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