Destiny 2: the new big expansion, Beyond the Light


We interviewed Adam Miller, Senior Narrative Designer, and Guillaume Colomb, Narrative Lead, at Bungie to discuss Destiny 2: Beyond the Light.

This Tuesday, November 10, the new great expansion for Destiny 2: Beyond the Light finally goes on sale. With it will come a good number of novelties to the title of Bungie, such as the fact of being able to know in detail the character of La Desconocida (played in Spain by actress Maggie Civantos), trying the new subclass: Stasis and others. On this occasion, to celebrate the launch, we have interviewed Adam Miller, Senior Narrative Designer, and Guillaume Colomb, Narrative Lead, at Bungie to explain what this additional content will mean for the Destiny 2 universe we already know and all that remains for us to know.

How the Beyond the Light piece will fit into the Destiny 2 puzzle

“For Beyond the Light, specifically, we have focused on the arrival of darkness and the character of The Unknown. In how she will be a guide for players to know how to move through the darkness and use the powers of the new subclass: stasis “, details Guillaume Colomb,” We always try to expand the stories about the Golden Age, the previous period at the arrival of darkness. Now we are on the moon Europa and here we can learn much more about the race of the Exo.

In addition to explaining, above, what will be the keys that will serve to define this expansion, Miller also assures that they believe that “there will be a before and an after regarding Beyond the Light” with regard to the plot and argument that we can unravel.

The Darkness and the Character of The Unknown

As for the character of The Unknown, they especially point out that it will be a guide that will help us move around Europe and understand what is happening there. “I think it’s safe to say that we’ve given the character a chance to explain in an interesting way what’s going on with the Exos. It is not that the character exists only to be an NPC that guides us, but that it is much more. She will guide us through more than one emotional journey and so I think players will find a lot to empathize with, ”adds Adam Miller.

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There will not be a great revolution in this regard, since we should not expect the Unknown to accompany us to the battlefield. Following the spirit of the saga, it will be something similar to what Eris Morn supposed in Shadowkeep, to give you an idea. Even so they insist: he will surprise us and will have a leading role in Beyond the Light.

One thing the Unknown will teach us is that darkness can be very useful if we know how to use it properly. For this, we will have the powers of stasis, which as explained by the narrative team: “It is not a good or bad thing, but it will depend on what we do with those powers”, Miller details, to which Colomb adds “the players they must understand the idea of ​​placing light as good and darkness as bad are only titles that have been imposed on them, but the reality that both are forces of the universe. As a result, it is up to us how we use them and that is why it is determined whether it is good or evil in each case, depending on our personal decisions ”.


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