Destiny 2 The Fall of the King: A Guide to military priests


Destiny 2 Warpriest Guide Stepping on plates and dealing Damage, Every phase Matters

After Destiny 2 players collect their loot from the previous encounter and spend a little time preparing their gear as needed, they can walk through the door they just opened to go to the second King’s Fall encounter.

Unlike the first encounter, Warpriest is a more traditional boss encounter that serves as a very difficult and relentless DPS (damage per second) check. Although this clash is significantly more difficult than the first one, this time the players don’t have to worry about the champions. This guide will help Destiny 2 players better understand how the mechanics of this encounter work and how they can overcome it.

Destiny 2 Guide: War Priest

For this encounter, players must equip Linear Fusion Rifles to deal damage to the Destiny raid boss. Sniper rifles are also good, and it is recommended to have one player in the group using Divinity.

Weapons that specialize in adding (short for additional enemies) are necessary, so basic options like Witherhoard, Osteo Striga, and Outbreak Perfect are good options here.

Once the players have their weapons, armor, and subclasses ready, they will need someone standing on all three tiles in the room to summon the War Priest and start the fight. The players must divide into three groups of two, and three groups will stand near the plates.

As soon as the war priest appears, adda will appear to the left and right of him. Do not try to shoot the War Priest, as he is currently immune to all types of damage. As soon as a sufficient number of add-ons are killed, Blister Wizards will appear on each side.

Once they are killed, two knights will appear. After the two knights are killed, players will see a message in the left corner of the screen that says: “The glyph reading sequence has begun.” This means that it’s time to activate the damage phase. However, in order to damage the boss, players first need to stand on three plates in the correct order.

Step on plates and do damage

To do this, one Destiny 2 player will need to step on a slab in the middle of the room and check the pillars on the left and right. Which of the pillars lights up first indicates which plate stands first in the sequence.

If none of the pillars lights up, then the middle plate is the first in the sequence. Regardless of which plate it is, the player standing on the middle plate must step off the plate as soon as he finds out where the sequence begins.

Once the order is known, the players must stand on the plates in the specified order. Be sure to stay on the plate, otherwise the sequence will be interrupted. The player standing on the last plate in the sequence will be surrounded by a red aura, called the Aura of the Initiate. When a player has an aura, all players must come together so that they are all inside the red aura emanating from the player who has the brand.

Any player who is in the red aura will be able to deal damage to the Priest of War. But whichever player has an aura on him, he will need to keep an eye on the timer in the lower left corner of the screen. If the timer expires, they die.

To prevent this, one player in the group will need to immediately start wandering around the room in search of a knight of the Possessed named Gnilostrazh. This player must kill the knight as quickly as possible and pick up the ball that he drops.

As in the collision with the Totem, the ball allows the player who picks it up to steal the aura from the player who is currently holding it. Once the aura is stolen, the other player will go in search of the next Rotten Guard. Then they will use the sphere to steal the aura. This allows the damage phase to last as long as possible.

Repeat this until the message appears in the lower left corner: “The war priest summons the Oculus.” As soon as this message appears, the giant sphere above the Military Priest begins to glow with a white light. Three columns cast a shadow, and players must gather behind one of the columns.

Any player in sight of the sphere will be killed immediately. As soon as the light goes out, the column that was used for shelter will be destroyed. At this point, the add-ons will reappear, and players will need to repeat the entire process again to trigger the second phase of damage.

Make each phase meaningful

Since each damage phase results in the destruction of one of the columns, this means that players will only receive four damage phases in this collision. If players fail to deal enough damage in all four damage phases, they will die when the War Priest activates the Oculus for the fourth time.


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