Destiny 2 The Fall of the King: A Guide to Gorgoroth


Preparing Golgoroth Guide Coordinated Taunting Don’t Get Tunnel Vision

After Destiny 2 players defeat Warpriest, they will soon face the second boss of King’s Fall. While the second boss is not a brutal DPS check (damage per second) like it was with the War Priest, Golgorot has a unique mechanic that players must master if they hope to defeat the massive ogre that stands between them and the second half. Raid The Fall of the King in Destiny 2. This guide will explain in detail how Golgorot and its mechanics work so that players know exactly what they need to do when they encounter this boss.


Before the Destiny 2 raid battle begins, players must discuss this among themselves and split into two groups. The first group will consist of two players who take turns mocking Golgorot, holding his gaze. The second group will consist of the remaining four players who will be responsible for dealing as much damage to the boss as possible.

For two players who will be taunting, the recommended equipment is to add (short for additional enemies) clean weapons, sniper rifles and heavy weapons such as linear synthesis rifles or machine guns.

One player in the damage group must have Divinity equipment, while the rest of the group can also use the same equipment as the provocateur team. Warlocks should use Well of Radiance as a superpower, and Ward of Dawn is a good option for Titans as well. Solar Titans will be very useful for destroying mobs.

Golgorot Guide

To start the fight, Destiny 2 players will need to shoot down a glowing bubble that is located on the ceiling in the middle of the room. As soon as he falls, Golgorot will appear from under the ground, and the collision will begin.

At this point, add-ons will appear all over the room. Players will need to kill them as quickly as possible, while trying to stay out of sight of Golgorot, as his attack with the eye beam causes huge damage. Once all the add-ons are destroyed, players can start the damage phase at the earliest opportunity.

To start the damage phase, players will need to do two things. One of the players who will taunt the boss must shoot a giant glowing spot on Golgorot’s back to get a buff called “Golgorot’s Gaze”. This buff lasts for 20 seconds, and as long as the player has this buff, the boss always turns to face him.

That’s how two players will taunt the boss as he will ignore everyone else and send a flurry of Taken spheres at the Destiny 2 player who has the buff. The teasing team will also shoot down the glowing bubbles that appear on the ceiling.

When these bubbles fall to the ground, they create a pool in which the damage team can stand up and then deal damage to the Golgorot. While Golgoroth is being taunted, his belly opens, revealing a giant glowing critical strike spot that the damage team shoots at.

Coordinated mockery

Meanwhile, the teasing team will need to communicate with each other when their timer on the look buff comes to an end. The player who is going to attract Golgorot’s attention should take a position behind the boss, while the other player who currently has a look should be ready to shoot down the next bubble for the damage command.

The damage team will also help with the bubble. The other provoking player must grab the buff before his teammate’s timer expires. It is highly recommended to switch the taunt and drop the bubble at the same time to maximize the time spent dealing damage to the Golgorot.

After the player has successfully taunted the Golgorot, he must position himself so that the Golgorot faces the group dealing damage to give them a clear line of sight of the point of the big critical hit.

Bubbles appear in different places each time, so the team of provocateurs will need to constantly move during the damage phase, destroying the small spheres of the Possessed that are heading towards them.

The damage team will move to each location where the bubble falls to continue dealing damage. If the team of provocateurs fails to keep Golgorot’s attention, the damage phase will end prematurely, and the runes on the plaque in the middle of the room will begin to glow. As soon as all the bubbles are dropped, the damage phase will end and new add-ons will appear.

Don’t get tunnel vision

Destiny 2 players who are on the damage team should keep an eye out for a debuff that will appear in the lower left corner of their screen called “Unstable Light”. When the Unstable Light timer expires, the player it was on will explode and cause damage to players within reach.

The damage from this debuff will kill anyone who gets too close when it goes off, so the player who received the Unstable Light should move away from the group as soon as possible. Once they have finished exploding, that player can safely return to the damage group.


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