Destiny 2: The Case for King’s Fall will be a repeat raid in the 18th season


The season of Destiny 2 Ghosts included a new Dungeon in the form of Duality, which perfectly fit into the storyline of the 17th season about Leviathan, Calus and the Witness. With less than two weeks left until the Destiny 2 showcase event scheduled for August 23, Bungie is still keeping its cards to itself when it comes to revealing details about season 18 and what the Destiny re-raid will be like. Bungie announced that the release date of the raid of the 18th season will be on the first Friday after the launch of the new season, which means that players will have only three days to prepare for it.

Another important thing Bungie said is that the outdated raid coming back in Destiny 2 won’t be Crota’s End, as the company wants to bring back one of the major hits — either King’s Fall or Wrath of the Machine. While for some reason it makes sense to bring Wrath of the Machine back to Destiny 2, there are counterarguments that make King’s Fall a better choice between the two, as well as a more likely choice. In fact, King’s Fall remains one of the most iconic content elements in the entire franchise, despite being less useful than Wrath of the Machine.

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Why King’s Fall Is Perfect for the Destiny 2 Season 18 Raid

The Taken King is largely considered one of the best additions in Destiny history, to the point that The Witch Queen campaign and storyline were compared to it immediately after release. Both have powerful Hive themes, with the former delving into the powers of the Hive God Oryx and his army of Possessed, while the latter talks about the Lucent Hive and Savatun’s quest for survival. The Fall of the King perfectly embodies the themes of the DLC it came with, and would be the perfect sequel to the Hive story if it returned in season 18.

As it stands, Destiny 2 players killed Oryx many years ago and are now confronted by his sister Savatun only to discover that she and her clear brood have received the Light from the Wanderer himself. In the Witch Queen campaign, the game “Two Truths and Two Lies” Savatuna tells about the return of the King of the Possessed, which probably hints that the title of Oryx has passed to someone else. Because of this, repeating the Fall of the King would be a great way to remember what happened to Oryx and get attached to the knowledge of the era before the Lightfall.

Another reason why The Fall of the King would be a great choice for season 18 is that the entire raid, although much longer than The Wrath of the Machine, has several mechanics that Destiny 2 players already know well, including charging plates, which were a staple. for years. This makes King’s Fall less challenging for new players compared to Wrath of the Machine, especially when you consider that one of the bosses is Golgoroth, an Ogre who has mechanics similar to that of the Caretaker in Vow of the Disciple.

The “Will of Light” perk can be turned into a raid origin trait, which in Destiny forced players to deal more damage to hostage enemies, which could easily be returned in Destiny 2. It would also be a great opportunity to bring back the exoticism of the raid. for King’s Fall, which was a reconnaissance rifle called Touch of Malice. It was a unique exotic item that works the same way as Tommy’s existing matchbox, as it deals more damage to the user when activating his perk. Overall, King’s Fall will be a fantastic addition to the game and will help Bungie promote Destiny 2 stories as a whole.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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