Destiny 2: The Best Solar Warlock Build (with Dawn Chorus)


One of the best Solar Warlock builds that can be created in Destiny 2 uses Dawn Chorus as an exotic armor. Dawn Chorus is an exotic helmet that enhances Daybreak Super, causing burns upon contact with all targets. Additionally, burn effects deal more damage thanks to the Dawn Chorus helmet, and warlocks will receive a small amount of melee energy each time their burn effects deal damage to a target. Although warlocks still use the Well of Radiance instead of Dawn in this build, the benefits of burn damage are second to none.

At its core, this particular Solar Warlock build takes advantage of the “Incandescence” ability that weapons such as Drang (Baroque), Staccato-46 and the Calus SMG mini-tool in Destiny 2 have. The enemy or fighter is defeated by this weapon. When an arson effect is applied to a target, that target will burn continuously until the effect disappears. The amount of damage a burned target takes will increase as more effect is applied, and after applying 100 burn stacks, the target ignites, causing a large solar explosion.

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This build is developed by a Destiny 2 content creator named Plunderthabooty, who has comprehensively tested the effectiveness of the build. Combining the exotic Dawn Chorus helmet, the right aspects and fragments, as well as several modifications of the well of elements, players can create one of the best builds of the Solar 3.0 Warlock in Destiny 2. In addition, this build is perfect for any Guardian who prefers to play more aggressively. and he hopes to use a Solar Warlock, viable in endgame content, without having to sit back and passively play. In particular, since burn stacks can quickly defeat enemies in low-quality content, enemies in endgame content who have more health are more likely to see burn stacks reach 100, causing more ignitions.

The best build of the Dawn Chorus Solar Warlock in Destiny 2

Flame Touch (Aspect): Healing, solar, fire and thermonuclear grenades have an enhanced effect. Heat Rise (aspect): Shoot weapons, melee and throw grenades while flying. Hold the ability of the grenade to consume the energy of the grenade and activate the Heat Rise. Using a healing grenade increases the power of the initial explosion. The final blows in the air increase the duration of the Heat Rise and give melee energy. Works well with the Calusa mini instrument, Drang (Baroque) and Staccato 46 in Destiny 2, which have a Sparkling. Ember Empyrean (Fragment): Solar weapons or final strikes abilities prolong the duration of recovery and radiation effects. Subtracts -10 to stability. Ash Square (fragment): More burn stacks are applied to targets. Scorching Square (fragment): Victory over burnt targets gives melee energy. Adds +10 to recovery. Ember of Torches (fragment): Powerful melee attacks against fighters make players and closest allies shine. Armor Modifications: Shock Induction x2, Innervation x2, Spontaneous Armament, Font of Strength, Search for Wells, Well of Life, Stability Modifications (priority), Discipline mods (after maximum stability).