Destiny 2: The Best Arc 3.0 Hunter Build


Best Arch Hunter Build 3.0 – Aspects Best Arch 3.0 Hunter Build – Abilities and Fragments Best Arch 3.0 Hunter Build – Exotics Best Arch 3.0 Hunter Build – Mods Best Arch 3.0 Hunter Build – Weapons Best Arch 3.0 Hunter Build – Finals

Along with Season of Plunder for Destiny 2, Bungie released the long-awaited Arc 3.0 update, which completed the cycle of Light alterations before the Lightfall expansion. Similar to the previous Void and Solar updates, the Arc 3.0 philosophy is based on several keywords that define the identity of classes, as well as Bungie’s vision of what players can achieve with each of them. This guide looks at the best build options for Destiny 2 for Hunters, covering the various game styles created in Arc 3.0.

Best Arc 3.0 Hunter Build — Aspects

Since one of the principles of Arc 3.0 is that players should be able to cover distances relatively easily in order to get into melee and deliver crushing blows, Bungie developed Arc Hunters with the “monk” concept in mind.

This means that Arc Hunters should be the Destiny 2 equivalent of fantasy monks, who usually deal massive melee damage and whose movements are fast and acrobatic.

In terms of gameplay, this is achieved by using the Flow State Aspect, which causes Hunters to take less damage when dodging and speeds up the recharge of dodges when Strengthening, which is the gain gained by default when quickly hitting targets with arc damage.

To make melee attacks more powerful, Arc Hunters can use Death Stream as their second Aspect, as it increases the lunge range of the next melee attack after dodging, and also causes enemy targets to shake.

The deadly current also creates an aftershock that deals damage to enemies caught in it, and further melee attacks against concussed targets impose a blindness debuff, which in Destiny 2 is very valuable in more expensive content.

Best Arc 3.0 Hunter Build — Abilities and Fragments

The best class ability for this build is “Player Evasion”, as it allows players to maintain their melee combos with “Combo Strike”, a powerful melee that deals more damage depending on its stacks.

The Combined Strike then deals progressively increasing damage whenever players kill a target with it, up to a maximum of three stacks, which also add up to other melee damage bonuses used in this build.

The best fragments to use are the Feedback Spark and the Resistance Spark.

The first increases outgoing melee damage when receiving melee damage, and the second reduces the amount of damage received when surrounded by enemies.

The two remaining slots can be filled according to personal preferences, but excellent options are the Recharge Spark, the Spark of Greatness, the Spark of Discharge, the Spark of Shock, the Spark of Ions and the Spark of Amplitude.

This Destiny 2 Hunter build can also make great use of grenades, and players have two great options in the form of pulse grenades and storm grenades, with the former dealing more damage overall with a longer cooldown.

The best superpower to use in this build and for Arc Hunters in general is Gathering Storm. It has a shorter recovery time than Arc Staff, generally deals more damage, and can be effectively used both to clear add-ons and to increase the boss’s DPS.

Best Arc 3.0 Hunter Build — Exotic

The best exotics to use in this build are two, and they serve different purposes.

The first is the Liar’s Handshake, an Exotic Hunter that allows players to deal a huge amount of melee damage if they either take melee damage or if they deal melee damage with the first hit, increasing damage with the next.

The liar’s handshake is an ideal choice because it constantly increases outgoing melee damage, and its counterattack also heals players, helping them stay in the thick of the battle. However, in most cases, healing is not enough to support players in Destiny 2 endgame content.

The second exotic thing combined with this build is the Assassin’s Hood, which does not give additional melee damage, but makes players invisible and heals them after committing a melee kill or using a finisher.

The assassin’s hood makes this build more resilient and provides a level of strategic thinking thanks to invisibility, but it can suffer a little melee damage to defeat stronger fighters.

Best Arc 3.0 Hunter Build — Mods

The best mods for this exotic are Melee Wellmaker and/or Overcharge Wellmaker, Elemental Charge, Striking Light, Powerful Friends and Well of Ions.

Since the build is mostly supported thanks to Gambler’s Dodge and Combination Blow cycle, mods are not strictly necessary.

However, it’s good to have an Ion Well because it increases melee damage by a few seconds when picking up an Arc Elemental Well. Combined with Melee Wellmaker, it’s very easy to never run out.


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