Destiny 2 Servers Are Back Online After Twenty Hours of Downtime


Destiny 2 servers are back online after more than twenty hours of downtime, but Bungie still faces a number of problems with the game.

Destiny 2 servers were shut down yesterday for “emergency maintenance” so Bungie could fix an issue that caused players to lose their progress with their Triumphs, Seals and Catalysts after the release of a faulty patch.

Shortly after, Bungie reported that their “investigation and testing” was set to “continue” after failing to find an easy solution.

“To meet expectations, this issue will not be resolved tonight,” they added, aiming to get the fix rolled out by lunchtime today (January 25).

At 15:00 GMT, the Destiny 2 servers were back online, and Bungie confirmed that patch had been released.


“In addition to this rollout, please note that all player accounts have been moved to 16:20 GMT on January 24,” Bungie added, which means Destiny 2 players will have to repeat progress or quests completed a few hours before the downtime.

Similarly, the purchases of Eververs will need to be redone, but the silver spent during this time will be restored, and the purchases of silver sets will be added back to the player accounts.

“Additionally, some enemies may continue to drop rare (blue) engrams when players reach the soft limit. This will be resolved in a future update,” Bangui said, before confirming that “Rumble Crucible mode is currently unavailable as a separate playlist” and “the evidence board in the Enclave cannot be interacted with,” although these issues are currently being addressed. investigated.

The downtime followed claims by players who posted on Reddit last week that Destiny 2 characters were being mysteriously removed from the game.

As for other news, Xbox and Bethesda intend to hold a Developer Direct live broadcast today to tell players about games such as The Elder Scrolls Online, Forza Motorsport, Minecraft Legends and Redfall — find out how to watch it here.


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