Destiny 2: recreates stunning exotic Malfeasance weapon


Reddit user clonewolfstudio shared on his social networks an impressive re-creation of the exotic Destiny 2 Malfeasance handheld cannon, made in real scales and with all the main details of the original weapon.

Extremely powerful, Malfeasance was added to Destiny 2 in the Renegades expansion, and soon attracted fans of the shooter not only for its incomparable kinetic damage and stats, but for the unique and different look of all traditional weapons in the category. Now, it is possible to see what the equipment would look like in real life thanks to the brilliant handmade work of clonewolfstudio, who faithfully adapted the hand cannon.

The replica was made in the original proportions of the weapon, and combined polyurethane and photopolymer resins in the manufacture of the external structure, with cracks and scratches placed on the trigger, barrel and cable to simulate areas that were worn out with time. In addition, Malfeasance is equipped with an internal rotating drum where the bullets can be placed individually or together. Check out the images below.

The designer gave no further details on the time needed to make the weapon, but added that “a lot of time was to design the cylinder area to keep it visually similar to the models in the game, while allowing free range of movement” .

What did you think of real life Malfeasance? Leave your opinion in the comments.


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