Destiny 2: Potential New Nightfall Locations


Destibny 2 continues to develop its ever-expanding story with add-ons and seasonal content that players can sink their teeth into. With the release of “The Witch Queen” in February 2022 and already two seasons, fans of the series have studied the content that continues the saga between Light and Darkness. Bungie outlined its plans for the future of Destiny 2, pointing out that what started in 2014 was only the first part, and Lightfall 2023 became an important part of the story to continue the knowledge and move towards what will happen next.

Despite the fact that some elements of the story were removed with the release of The Witch Queen, Bungie made it clear that the story that began in Beyond Light is the core of the narrative. This has become even more evident thanks to the plot elements and locations introduced in the Witch Queen supplement, as a result of which places like Mars are once again available for players to explore. Since many solar bodies can already be explored in our Solar System, it’s hard not to imagine what new locations Lightfall will bring to the game. In connection with the imminent arrival of a Witness, several ideas may come to mind.


An integral part of the history of Destiny 2 is the Foundation planet, where the three beehive gods, Aurix, Savatun and Xivu Arat, arose a long time ago, when they still belonged to the krill species. After discovering the Wormgods and taking their larvae, a Hive was actually born. These three sisters have become Gods seeking to follow the Logic of the Sword—the belief that existence is a struggle, and any entity that cannot prevent its defeat must be destroyed. After leaving the Foundation, the sisters set out on a path of destruction and conquest across the galaxy to feed their parasitic worms and spread their faith.

After the defeat of Aurix and Savatun in the Destiny and Destiny 2 story campaigns, players will most likely soon encounter the last of the hive gods, Zivu Arat. The Witch Queen campaign opens the door to the appearance of a Witness — an agent of Darkness, and the Hive gods themselves were corrupted by his influence thousands of years ago through the worm gods. Studying the Foundation in future parts can not only help to establish knowledge. recorded history, but offer some way to defeat powerful beings approaching the Solar System.

Pyramid Ships

The final campaign of the “Witch Queen” showed a Witness heading into the Solar System with his gloves off, ready to save the inhabitants of the Solar System. Although little is known about the Witness, since Savatun offers contradictory information about the Witness’s relationship with Darkness, it is only known that the Witness is convincing and may be the physical embodiment of Darkness on this plane of existence.

Throughout Destiny 2, pyramid ships have been an impending threat that many have tried to study, understand, and control. There have been quests involving parts of these mysterious ships and their powers related to Darkness; however, their integrity has yet to be fully explored. Since “Darkness” and “Witness” are set to fully penetrate the Solar System, and if the “Falling Light” supplement deals with falling Light, visiting these ships may provide ways to counteract the power of Darkness or reverse the damage it can cause.

The moons of the Hive War

Billions of years ago, after the Krill turned into a Hive, they went to the stars, where the Hive began violently subjugating and destroying smaller civilizations that they considered unworthy. In its conquests and exterminations, the Hive hollowed out the moons and planetoids it had conquered and repurposed them into training bases, spawning grounds and shipyards for the Hive fleet. These satellites traveled through space, discovering civilizations ripe for conquest, and linked their energy with the Hive army to destroy entire worlds.

The moons of the Hive haven’t been seen in Destiny 2 yet, but their story and lore spread throughout history and seem to be related to the Hive God Xivu Arat, who was also mentioned but didn’t appear in the game. After defeating Aurix and Savatun, it is quite logical to assume that Zivu Arat will become the next Hive God with whom the Guardians will fight. If the Battle Moons are related to her and her troops, studying them in Lightfall may be important to stop Ziva Arata directly or to learn more about ways to eliminate the Hive threat before confronting the Darkness.


The famous homeland of the Awakened, who descended from the Human race, was created from the energy of a black hole in a large-scale battle between Light and Darkness. Time flows differently in the Distributor, and in this pocket universe, the Awakened have flourished for thousands and thousands of years.