Destiny 2 Players Say Characters Are Being Mysteriously Removed


According to some players on Reddit, Destiny 2 characters are mysteriously removed from the game.

According to PCGamesN, numerous fans claimed that they were unable to access certain characters in the multiplayer first-person shooter. Some of the affected gamers are said to have spent a lot of time developing these Guardian online characters.

Recently, on Reddit, one player said that Destiny 2 “deleted” its warlock character after “several days” of inactivity in the game.

“I didn’t do anything different from the usual. I downloaded the game and pressed A to start playing. I waited a couple of seconds and received an error code, and then returned to the main screen,” the message says.

“When I tried to get on the character screen again, there was no warlock there. I still have my titan and hunter, but no warlock. My warlock was my main character and the one who had all my old weapons, which you won’t find any more.

“I have proof that I raided my warlock 2 days ago, and then proof that he is no more.”

Elsewhere, another Reddit user reported in a post that their own Warlock character had also suddenly disappeared. According to the latest player update, they still haven’t restored their character.

A third gamer on Reddit last week said that his Titan character disappeared after notifying the game server. In the end, they reported a successful recovery, but then the Titan played only 200 hours instead of the correct 1500 hours.

Some fans suggest that the problem may be related to the closure of Destiny 2 at Stadia today (January 18).

In response, Bungie advised players who have characters in Stadia accounts to save them on other platforms using cross-save to prevent possible problems.

But at least one of the gamers stated that in this case, cross-saving Stadia might not be a problem because they don’t have a Stadia account.

Meanwhile, Destiny 2: Lightfall is due out on February 28. The seventh expansion pack for the game will follow last year’s The Witch Queen.

In a four – star review of the latest issue , NME wrote: “The Witch Queen is the pinnacle of what Destiny can be. A great campaign backed by an incredible villain with supporting characters and quests that are just as fascinating, the latest expansion provides everything you could ask for while creating the next three years of content.

“Witch Queen not only looks like the end of several years of questionable design choices, but also as a new beginning that touches all the right notes from the very beginning.”


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