Destiny 2 Nerfs Omnioculus, Buffs Le Monarque, Thunderlord, More with Season 18


The “Ghosts” season is coming to an end in less than two weeks, and that’s when Bungie will hold an August Destiny 2 presentation to talk more about Season 18, the re-raid that goes along with it, and possibly tease the Lightfall expansion. Season 18 will be crucial for Destiny 2 because it will bring the latest reworking of the Light subclass in the form of the Arc 3.0 update, as well as one of Destiny’s two raids between King’s Fall or Wrath of the Machine. It is also expected that the story will develop further than the events of the “Ghosts” season and may include characters who have been absent for a while, such as Rasputin and Ana Bray or Eramis, the Ship Stealer.

With season 18, another sandbox patch is coming out, in which Bungie looks back at which items need to be changed, for better or worse, depending on their performance at the moment and based on player feedback. Destiny 2 fans have been very vocal lately about how exotics like Lord of Wolves and Omnioculus are too strong in PvP, as well as that some weapon archetypes are ineffective in PvE, and today’s TWAB describes what to expect from season 18.

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One of the biggest news about TWAB is that Omnioculus will indeed be weakened in PvP and will remain intact in PvE, which has been one of the main concerns of Hunter players. Bungie changes the scale of damage reduction in PvP in all directions, and also applies nerfs to Whisper of Chains, one of the subclasses of Fragments for Stasis. Lord of Wolves is also undergoing significant changes aimed at reducing damage in Destiny 2 PvP modes, as well as reducing the amount of ammunition with which he starts the game.

As for PvE, Bungie has announced major changes to some exotic items, adding features against champions to them, the most notable of which is Le Monarque. This bow is one of the best exotic primary weapons in Destiny 2 when Overload Bows exist as a seasonal mod, but now this feature is inherent in this weapon, which makes it even more desirable in all actions. In addition, a significant change will affect the Thunderer, as he will also receive overload protection rounds. This is fantastic news because it means that players can use anti-champion weapons in their kinetic slot and still use their energy slot for weapons like Patience.

Season 18 and the August demo will be an exciting time for players, especially now that recent Destiny 2 leaks have revealed that a potential fifth subclass is in development, which will presumably appear along with Lightfall. Overall, players can expect a lot of interesting updates in two weeks, and this sandbox patch from TWAB shows that Bungie is on the right track.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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