Destiny 2 may soon release three classic swords that can be crafted


Destiny 2 seems to have a few more tricks up its sleeve for the heist season, judging by its API, where users have discovered several new weapon creation templates that may be released soon. Since the launch of the Witch Queen DLC, the game has slowly filled its selection of weapons that can be made, and if the latest data is correct, class swords may be next on the list.

In particular, although Destiny 2 generally refuses to release weapons exclusive to the class, there are a few selected examples of Bungie that still retain some diversity between Hunters, Titans and Warlocks. Three exotic glaives are the latest example of how this happens, but users have discovered that the three exclusive swords of the “Abundance” season — “Golden Fang”, “Throne Divider” and “Razor of Death” — can also return.

Weapon creation in Destiny 2 was a bit under-developed when it first appeared, with relatively few weapons to create, an overly complex resource economy, and multiple ways to get said resources in the first place. It has since been significantly improved, not least thanks to Bungie’s slow but steady stream of new weapon creation models. Season of Plunder, in particular, added a huge number of new weapons (seasonal and King’s Fall weapons), but there may be more, since the game API showed the presence of the three aforementioned swords. They may or may not appear as part of the Halloween game event, the Festival of the Departed.

It is worth noting that this confirms the efforts to collect data from the beginning of the season, which showed not only three blades exclusive to the class as weapon samples, but also the last remaining weapon of the season “Abundance”, which has not yet been returned, the Imperial Decree Rifle. This could mean that the list of the best weapons of the Destiny 2 Heist Season could grow substantially before all is said and done.

It has not yet been confirmed whether the four “leaked” weapons of the “Abundance” season will be launched during the “Plunder” season, but if so, then this could turn out to be the season with the largest number of new weapon models released since the “Witch Queen”. Bungie has been slowly adding new weapon creation recipes, and not every weapon is available to create in the first place. However, players who want to optimize the creation of weapons in Destiny 2 may have to roll up their sleeves, since for each new weapon mined by data, 5 red frames will be required so that it can be unlocked for creation.

Fortunately, not every weapon that can be manufactured is a problem for pharma. In fact, two new guaranteed weapon creation templates are available right now in Destiny 2, both of which are very easy to unlock. This year’s Festival of the Departed will take place on October 18, when it will probably become clear whether the API leaks were correct or it’s just residual code from the cut content.

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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