Destiny 2: Location of Zur and Exotic Items (June 17 — June 20)


From June 17 to June 20 in Destiny 2, the Guardians can find Zur in the Watcher’s Grave on Ness. Returning with a fresh set of exotic and legendary weapons and armor, Zur this week will focus on items from the DLC “The Curse of Osiris”, “Arrival Season”, “Season of the Chosen” and “Season of the Lost”. The Seller of Nine has quite a few interesting items, so the Guardians should be willing to spend some legendary shards and twinkle.

Xur also has new throws for Hawkmoon and DMT for sale in Destiny 2. Every weekend Xur sells both of these exotic weapons because they are available randomly. This started on the first weekend of the Witch Queen expansion, but since both weapons have a god roll as well as a few terrible options, the Guardians have to wait for the best possible rolls rather than wasting materials every week. Finally, Guardians who need an exotic cipher can take and pass the Xenology quest from Zur.

This weekend, the Hawkmoon Xur will feature Hammer-Forged rifling, an Alloy magazine, Snapshot sights and a textured grip. In his “Dead Man’s Tale” there are bonuses “Full-bore”, “Light Shop”, “Fourth Charm” and “Fitted Butt”. The Guardians should not buy any of these rolls this weekend, but instead should hold on to their hard-earned materials until Zur has better options. Both the Hawkmoon and the exotic Scout rifle from Dead Man’s Tale cost the same types of materials as the exotic weapons available in the Tower Archive, so the Guardians may consider spending these resources on other exotics as well.

Destiny 2: Where is Zur? Exotic Weapons and Armor (June 17-20)

Crimson — Exotic kinetic hand cannon Gemini-Jester (exotic hunter) — 65 characteristics with good mobility and discipline. Eon Safe (titanium, exotic) — 61 characteristics with good recovery. Vesper Radius (Warlock, exotic) — 61 characteristics with good intelligence and Recovery.

Any Guardian who doesn’t have a Crimson yet should think about grabbing this exotic hand cannon from Zur. Its three-shot burst firing pattern and high damage make it an excellent weapon for use in the Crucible and Trials of Osiris. Gemini Jester is a great exotic PvP armor for hunters, and those who don’t have a better throw yet should consider taking it from Xur. His Aeon Safe and Vesper of Radius armor pieces aren’t the best throws for these exotic items in Destiny 2, but Guardians should still pick them up if they have yet to acquire them.

Destiny 2: Legendary Weapons and Armor of Zur (June 17-20)

Gnawing Hunger (Void Auto Rifle) – Adaptive frame, Zen Moment/Multikill Clip, which is worth taking for PvE for those who need Void Auto Rifle. Brass Attacks (Void Sidearm) – Aggressive burt, Feeding Frenzy/Sympathetic Arsenal, take only this Personal Weapon for the collections tab. Extraordinary performance (kinetic submachine gun) – aggressive frame, clip for food/multiple kills, this is a good throw in PvE.First to arrive, last to leave (arc shotgun) – Bullet point frame, heart rate monitor/Vorpal weapon worth choosing. for PvE for those who don’t have a better throw. The Distant Future (Solar Sniper Rifle) – Adaptive Frame, Lead From Gold/Threshold, buy this weapon only for the collections tab. The best option is to throw God’s “Favorite Sniper Rifle” in Destiny 2. Code “Duello” (solar rocket launcher) — shockproof frame, auto-loading holster/ambitious killer, which is worth choosing for PvE. Characteristics of Titan Armor — Gloves (60), Breastplate (60), Helmet (57), Greaves (63) Characteristics of Warlock Armor — Gauntlets (61), Breastplate (57), Helmet (66), Greaves (57) Characteristics of Hunter Armor — Gauntlets (57), Breastplate (66), Helmet (63), Greaves (61)