Destiny 2: Location of Zur and Exotic Items (July 29 — August 2)


From July 29 to August 2 in Destiny 2, Zur is in the Tower hangar, and this weekend he has some great exotic and legendary items. Many of the useful items available this weekend are weapons, but there are a couple of armors worth paying attention to. For new or returning players, Guardians may be interested in purchasing Xur’s Hawkmoon and Deadman’s Tale scrolls.

This weekend you will get some of the best Hawkmoon and DMT throws from Xur in Destiny 2. Those who already have the best throw for each of them will not need to buy them, but it may take some time before another Hawkmoon or DMT of these calibers appears. To ensure that both lists can be purchased this weekend, the Guardians must take the Xenology quest and turn it into Xur for an additional exotic cipher.

This weekend, Guardians can buy Hawkmoon Zur with Arrowhead Brake, Alloy Magazine, Rangefinder and Heavy Grip. The DMT Zura has an elongated barrel, large-caliber shells, a verpal weapon and a hand butt. While the Hawkmoon throw is great and definitely worth the price, the Guardians should give preference to buying Xur’s Dead Man’s Tale Scout Rifle because it’s a fantastic throw that’s too good to pass.

Destiny 2: Where is Zur? Exotic Weapons and Armor (July 29 — August 2)

The Colony: Void Heavy Grenade LauncherST0MP-EE5 (Hunter Exotic): a throw of 64 characteristics with high stability and good intelligence.ACD/0 Feedback Fence (Titan Exotic): A throw of 60 characteristics with a mostly uniform distribution.Karnstein Armlets (exotic for a warlock): 63 characteristics with good mobility.

None of the exotic armor that Zur has this week is a “must-buy”, but the Guards still have to pick up the missing equipment. ST0MP-EE5, as a rule, is an excellent PvP exotic for hunters, but the distribution of characteristics does not provide a surge of the most useful characteristics for the actions of the Crucible. ACD/0 Feedback Fence and Karnstein Armlets also do not have a good distribution of characteristics, and none of these exotic armor parts provides a significant advantage for PvE or PvP activities. Finally, the Colony is a grenade launcher worth using in PvP, so the Guardians should buy this exotic weapon from Zur if they don’t have it yet.

Destiny 2: Legendary Weapons and Armor of Zur (July 29 — August 2)

Whispering Plate (Bow): Kinetic lightweight frame with a hip firing handle and sympathetic arsenal. Friction Fire (PP): Kinetic precision frame with field training and fury. Survivor’s Epitaph (hand cannon): kinetic precision frame with various advantages including Overkill, Ambitious Killer, Kill clip, madness and moving target. Hard Work and Trouble (shotgun): kinetic aggressive frame with threat detector and sight. , Auto-loading holster, Thug and One for All. Bad omens (rocket launcher): aggressive void frame with tracking module and cluster bomb.The Cure for Fools (Side weapon): SUROS Rapid-Fire, fully automatic weapon with Feeding Frenzy and Sketching.

For those who do not have it, it is worth buying Friction Fire, Bad Omen’s and Toil and Trouble. The Survivor’s Epitaph and Empty Vessel bonuses will only differ if the Guardians dropped their rank rewards in the Crucible and Vanguard in Destiny 2 during the Ghosts season, respectively. Apart from the Titan Lightkin Plate breastplate, which has high recovery and discipline rates, none of the legendary armors will be received from Zur this weekend. The Hunter’s breastplate and helmet may be worth taking from Zur, but the Guardians better throw their Solstice armor before the end of the event.

Warlock Armor: Gauntlets (60) Breastplate (57) Helmet (63) Greaves (55) Titan Armor: Gauntlets (59) Breastplate (62) Helmet (58) Greaves (57) Hunter Armor: Gauntlets (59) Breastplate Armor (60) Helmet (60) Leg Armor (58)


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