Destiny 2: Location of Zur and Exotic Items (July 1st – 5th)


From July 1 to July 5 in Destiny 2, the Guardians can find Zur in the Watcher’s Grave on Ness. There are quite a few items the Guardians should consider buying this week, especially the exotic armor he has put up for sale. Some legendary weapons and armor will also be available for purchase this weekend, so be sure to visit the seller before he leaves after the next weekly reset.

Just like last weekend, Xur has new Hawkmoon and DMT for sale in Destiny 2. Besides the fact that both of these weapons are exotic, Dead Man’s Tale and Hawkmoon can be purchased with random bonuses that will make them viable in the game or break them. There are only a couple of fantastic options for each weapon in regards to their PvP throws, but almost any PvE throw will be enough. If the Guardians aren’t looking forward to getting their hands on any roll, they should save the materials for the best perk combinations. Finally, Guardians who need an exotic cipher can also take and pass the Xenology quest from Zur.

This weekend, Xur’s Hawkmoon has polygonal rifling, an Alloy magazine, an initial shot and a polymer grip. In his “Dead Man’s Tale” there are bonuses “Small caliber”, “Large-caliber cartridges”, “Instant sights” and “Hand stock”. The Hawkmoon Roll is worth taking if players need it, but the “Dead Man’s Story” can be passed on. Both the Hawkmoon and the Exotic Scout Rifle from Dead Man’s Tale cost the same types of materials as the Exotic Weapons available in the Tower Archive, so the Guardians may consider spending these resources on other Exotics as well.

Destiny 2: Where is Zur? Exotic Weapons and Armor (July 1st – 5th)

Lord of the Wolves: An exotic solar shotgun that shoots bursts at short distances. Heavenly Nighthawk (Exotic Hunter): 66 characteristics with fantastic resilience, good intelligence and good discipline. good durability and fantastic strength, the Crown of Storms (exotics of the warlock): 60 characteristics with good discipline, recovery and intelligence.

Lord of Wolves is a popular shotgun that can be used in PvP activities, especially in the Trials of Osiris, because it can easily defeat the Guardians and get more ammunition with each round. The Guardians need to pick up all three exotic helmets, in particular the Heavenly Nighthawk, as it enhances the Golden Weapon. It’s perfect for building Sun Hunter 3.0 in Destiny 2, and with the advent of Arch 3.0 on the horizon, the Unstoppable Skull Fortress and the Crown of Storms are also great pickups at this time.

Destiny 2: Legendary Weapons and Armor of Zur (July 1-5)

Enigma’s Draw (Kinetic Personal Weapon): Precision frame with Zen Moment/Demolitionist.Cold Denial (Kinetic pulse rifle): A shockproof frame with a killer wind and a clip for multiple kills, which is worth choosing for PvP.Farwell (Kinetic personal weapon): lightweight frame with heating and hammer.The Seventh Seraphim CQC-12 (Solar Shotgun): a light frame with a drawback and disorientation of the shield.Deafening Whisper (Void Grenade launcher): A wave frame with an ambitious killer and a holster with an auto-charge that is worth taking.Falling Guillotine (Void Sword): Vortex Frame with Relentless Stikes and Whirlwind Blade, which is worth taking. The third axiom (Arc Pulse Rifle): Adaptive Frame with Slideshot and Sympathetic Arsenal.

Take a look at the legendary armor of Zur this week, as there are several great items that will increase the characteristics of the Guardian characters in Destiny 2.

Characteristics of Titan armor — gauntlets (59), breastplate (60), helmet (57), greaves (61) Characteristics of Warlock armor — gauntlets (60), breastplate (64), helmet (64), greaves (66) Characteristics of Hunter armor – gloves (61), breastplate (64), helmet (60), greaves (61).