Destiny 2: Location of Zur and Exotic Items (July 15 – 19)


From July 15 to July 19 in Destiny 2, Zur can be found in the hangar of the Tower, passing to the left of Amanda Holliday. Zur’s inventory has included many terrifying and fantastic items throughout the “Ghosts” season, and the weapons and armor available this week tend to be the latter. In particular, all Guardians who are patiently waiting for the release of Arc 3.0 content may be glad to hear that the Crown of Storms helmet has incredibly high stability.

Once again, Xur has a new Hawkmoon and DMT for sale in Destiny 2. Although both of these weapons are exotic, they are the only exotic weapons in the entire game that have multiple perk options, with a new roll available in Xur’s inventory each time. days off. However, the purchase of any of the weapons is quite expensive, so the Guardians should be sure of their decision before buying from a Hawkmoon or Dead Man’s Tale seller. Unlike other items of exotic equipment in Zur’s inventory, both of these weapons can only be obtained using the same types of materials that are needed for weapons in the Exotic Archive. Finally, the Xenology quest is available to receive from Xur, rewarding players with an exotic cipher for completing it.

This weekend, Xur’s exotic Dead Man’s Tale reconnaissance rifle includes corkscrew rifling, precision cartridges, a moving target and a composite stock. The Hawkmoon Zur hand cannon has an elongated barrel, an alloy magazine, a rangefinder and a reinforced handle. Guardians should refrain from buying the “Dead Man’s Story” list, but “Zura’s Hawk Moon” is a great option for those who love PvP.

Destiny 2: Where is Zur? Exotic Weapons and Armor (July 15-19)

Suros Regime: Kinetic Auto RifleThe Bombardiers (Hunter Exotic): 63 characteristics with excellent intelligence, mobility and resilience Shep Wake (Titan Exotic): 63 characteristics with good discipline and resilience Crown of Tempests (Warlock Exotic): 70 characteristics with fantastic resilience , discipline and strength

The Crown of Storms is a phenomenal exotic armor for warlocks, but this particular throw from Zur could not have been better at the time when Arch 3.0 appeared on the horizon. The new damage resistance in PvE is directly affected by the character’s “Durability” in Destiny 2, which makes this helmet one of the best exotic armor items that Zur recently sold. For those who don’t have a better throw, it’s worth choosing The Bombardiers and Ashen Wake Exotics.

Destiny 2: Legendary Weapons and Armor of Zur (July 15-19)

Impaler (pistol): an arc-shaped adaptive frame, a slideshow and a sympathetic arsenal with a seraphim-an officer’s revolver (hand cannon): Kinetic Precision Frame, Threat Detector and Shockproof Reserves Extraordinary Performance (PP): Kinetic Aggressive Frame, Excess and Trigger Pull (Bow)): Arc Precision Frame, Stealthy Bow and HarmonyDistant Tumulus (Sniper): Solar Rapid-fire Frame, Clown Cartridge and Initial Shot First Come, Last Out (Shotgun): Arc Pinpoint Bullet Frame, Hip Firing Handle and Initial Shot Corsair’s Wrath (Linear Fusion) Rifle): Solar Precision body, murderous wind and ruthlessness

While none of these weapon rolls are suitable for defeating the Nightfall GM in Destiny 2, Extraordinary Rendition has a good PvP roll. In addition, the seventh officer Seraphim’s revolver is capable of creating military intelligence cells, and the Zur throw is good for lower-middle-level PvE content. Finally, The Keening can be obtained with additional privileges, but Slideshot and Sympathetic Arsenal will always be available.

Warlock Armor: Gauntlets (60) Breastplate (59) Helmet (61) Greaves (63) Titan Armor: Gauntlets (60) Breastplate (64) Helmet (55) Greaves (63) Hunter Armor: Gauntlets (65) Breastplate Armor (61) Helmet (55) Leg Armor (55)