Destiny 2: Lightfall Annual Subscription Pre-order includes Free Exotics


Bungie’s announcement of the Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion pack in 2023 was overflowing with exciting revelations and interesting pieces of information, although the subsequent release of Season of Plunder refocused the player base on content that is available for the game right now. Because of this, some curious pieces of information about Lightfall may have fallen through the floorboards, for example, the presence of a brand new exotic automatic rifle.

Namely, the annual Destiny 2: Lightfall subscription for $ 100 instantly unlocks the Quicksilver Storm Exotic automatic rifle, which has a number of tricks up its sleeve. This is not only a good weapon in itself, but it can also charge special grenades with arc damage. It also comes with a rather eloquent piece of knowledge that contains information about the technological prowess of the Neptunian people and the mysterious companion fish Elsie Bray.

While Destiny 2: Witch Queen Exotic SMG Osteo Striga was introduced into the game only after the release of the DLC, the Lightfall automatic rifle is available for use right now. Quicksilver Storm is a kinetic weapon with a rotation speed of 720 rpm and a magazine for 50 rounds, which is very pleasant to use. Annual subscription holders can visit Master Rahul in the Tower to pick up their weapons, although it is worth noting that there is currently no catalyst or any jewelry for him. It is also currently unknown when Quicksilver Storm will become available to everyone, but most likely it will remain exclusive to annual subscription holders until the release of Lightfall.

With the official announcement of Destiny 2: Lightfall DLC, the community is already muttering about the opportunities that open up with the appearance of Neptune, the city of Neomun and his own faction of “Guardians”, the so-called Cloud Wanderers. According to the legends associated with Quicksilver Storm, the weapon is based on a small piece of nanotechnology that Elsie Bray discovered on Ganymede. It also has something to do with her mysterious companion, a life form known as a “Pooka”.

Since Destiny 2 takes players to Neomune on Neptune, it’s safe to say that Quicksilver Storm is just the first of many weapons using advanced Cloudstriders nanotechnology. However, Exotic’s knowledge entry links these new discoveries to some old unresolved mysteries that go back to Beyond Light, meaning Bungie may be preparing some important narrative payouts for this DLC.

Having one exotic automatic rifle isn’t as exciting as the promise of a huge new expansion pack, but Quicksilver Storm is a curious preview of what’s likely to happen. Ironically, now that Destiny 2 is no longer shutting down its old expansions, players who jump into Beyond Light years later won’t need to wonder what the floating fish creature Elsie Bray is.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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