Destiny 2: Legend ( Master) Sepulcher Guide to the Lost Sector


The Tomb is a relatively fast lost sector in Destiny 2 compared to some of the longer actions. This makes the area for growing exclusive exotics ideal when it appears in rotation. The tomb is located in the area of the Blooming Canal of the Throne World of Savatun. Guardians should be ready to handle a lot of Lucent Hive in the Lost Sector.

Before taking action, players must prepare the right gear, because their gear will be blocked. There are several Barrier Champions and a couple of Unstoppable Champions in the Tomb. The exotic Linear Fusion Rifle crossbow stands out here because it can break through barriers by its nature. Guardians in season 17 can also use the modification “Piercing Personal Weapon” or “Anti-Barrier Pulse Rifle”. Submachine guns, automatic rifles and tracer rifles are capable of stunning the Unstoppable Champions this season. Exotic Fusion Rifle Bastion is an alternative option to fight these elite opponents in Destiny 2. In addition, the Tomb has a sunburn that increases all sun damage inflicted and received by 50%.

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The legendary version of Sepulcher has a Fire Pit modifier. Whenever an Acolyte is defeated, a pool of fire falls out of it, which deals damage over time. Combined with the increased sun damage they inflict due to the Burn, these enemies pose a serious threat. The complexity of the Master adds the Chaff modifier, which disables the radar inside the Lost Sector. This is not a big problem because most enemies are easy to find. Guardians have limited respawn, but gain more with each defeat of the champion.

The Lost Sector of Sepulcher in Destiny 2 (single legend and Master)

The tomb begins with several Beehives kneeling down, so they are easy to remove. After entering the first room, the Barrier Champions appear in the back corners. In addition, a Wizard appears on the right side, protected by a solar shield. The Gyallarhorn from Destiny 2 or any other solar rocket launcher quickly copes with this enemy. After winning, Lucent Guardian appears in the center, which must be defeated to open the barrier to the next room. Moving on, there is a Barrier Champion at the end of the corridor. In the second room there are two Unstoppable Ogres, in addition to all the usual Acolytes and Slaves. Another Lucent Guardian appears, whose defeat opens the barrier. In the last room there are two barrier champions near the chest and a massive hive knight for the boss.

Knowing where each enemy appears is the key to completing Sepulcher on Legend and Master. A timely grenade or a rocket launcher shot can finish off a dangerous enemy before he has time to react. This makes the Tomb one of the best and fastest lost sectors for exotic armor farming.