Destiny 2: Legend ( Master) K1 Communion Guide to the Lost Sector


K1 Communion is one of the many lost sectors of Destiny 2, which can be a problem for untrained Guardians. The task is part of the Legend and Master rotation, which gives you the opportunity to earn exclusive exotic armor. The Lost Sector is full of evasive Fallen enemies, and the equipment is blocked, so players should plan accordingly. K1 Communion is located in the area of the Anchor of Light on the Moon.

Inside, the Guards will meet with the champions of the Barrier and Overload, which need to be dealt with as soon as possible. Players in season 17 can bring a pistol or a pulse rifle to deal with the first one. The exotic Linear Fusion Rifle crossbow is an alternative, as it inherently has an Anti-Barrier perk. For Overload champions, Guards can take a submachine gun, a submachine gun, or a tracer rifle with them. As in the Lost Fusion Sector in Destiny 2, K1 Communion has a Sunburn that increases the sun damage inflicted and received by 50%. It is recommended to take a powerful solar rocket launcher with you to quickly destroy the agile Fallen. Also, some enemies in this quest will have Abyss shields.

There is a disappointing Arach-NO in K1 Communion! modifier for Legend and Master. This causes fallen vandals to create cobwebs at their feet when they are defeated. Fortunately, the Guardians have a short moment to shoot and destroy the traps before they create a destructive field. The “Master” difficulty level introduces the “Hunger” modifier, which significantly reduces the amount of dropped ammunition. Pre-training can minimize this effect by wearing any of the Aeon gauntlets in Destiny 2. They allow players to create special ammo by finishing off elite enemies, and heavy ammo by finishing off bosses, mini-bosses and champions. When the Guardians are ready to cope with each challenge, they must go to the moon.

K1 Communion Lost Sector In Destiny 2 (single legend and Master)

Heading to K1 Communion, players will immediately come under enemy fire. There will be a lot of vandals and scum, as well as an overload champion. Guardians should give preference to this elite enemy, as he poses the biggest threat on the left side of the room. There will be a Barrier Servitor on the right, which can protect nearby enemies. Send a target to disable the barrier on the door. In the next area, the Guards should give preference to the overload champion and quickly destroy the vandals from behind. Players should be careful, as there are still a few champions before fighting the boss of the Lost Sector in Destiny 2. The last arena is a wide-open room in which many Fallen are scattered. It is recommended to defeat every enemy before the boss battle, as it is easy to crush him.

Players can’t finish Communion K1 as quickly as some other Lost Sectors, but the activity can still be cleared fairly easily. Champions and vandals are the biggest threat. Guardians may have limited respawn and time, but slow movement is the key to success for those who have problems with this Lost Sector.