Destiny 2: Legend (Master) A guide to the Lost Sector Conflux


Merge is one of the easiest Lost Sectors to pass at the “Legend” or “Master” difficulty level in Destiny 2. As with these actions, the equipment is blocked, so the Guards must prepare the proper equipment in advance. To begin the higher difficulties of the Lost Fusion Sector, players must travel to Nessus, where the Tank is the nearest landing zone.

The Guardians will face numerous Cabal fighters with Abyss Shields, as well as Barrier and Unstoppable Champions. Similar to the lost sector of the “Starlight Room” in Destiny 2, “Fusion” has a “Sunburn” that increases the sun damage inflicted and received by 50%. Players should be wary of their surroundings, because enemies are much more likely to throw grenades with the Scorched Earth modifier. The Master difficulty level adds a Chaff that disables the player’s radar.

The biggest difficulties in passing the Merger are the champions. Using the right seasonal mods can be crucial. For Anti-Barrier, the only option currently in season 17 is the pulse rifle, as the “Piercing Personal Weapon” modification is still disabled. Alternatively, players can take a Crossbow with them to deal with both Barriers and Abyss Shields. The unstoppable champions this season can be stunned either with scout rifles or glaives. Since many enemies can surround the Guardians in this Lost Sector, the first option may be preferable, especially at the “Master” difficulty level. The exotic Fusion Rifle Bastion in Destiny 2 can also stun Unstoppable Champions and is another great option. After making sure that each champion can be dealt with, the players are ready to challenge the Merger.

Completing the Lost Fusion Sector in Destiny 2 (Legend and Master)

The lost sector in Destiny 2 is one massive room with several columns that can be used as a shelter. Immediately after entering the action, the Guardians will encounter some unstoppable and barrier enemies. There will be more such champions at the “Master” difficulty level. The boss is in the far right corner of the room. While there is an opportunity to break through to the end, the Guards advise to remove unnecessary enemies. Each defeated Champion restores one of the limited lives, up to six. Once the boss is isolated, it’s pretty easy to kill him by opening the chest.

Each lost sector in Destiny 2 has a different degree of difficulty. This may vary from season to season, depending on the available champion modifications. It also depends on the layout of each activity. While some Lost Sectors present a more challenging challenge, Merging offers Guardians one of the best chances to earn exclusive exotic armor.