Destiny 2 Leaks Green Subclass Element, New Super Icon


Although there haven’t been any major Destiny 2 leaks lately, Bungie’s flagship shooter is hardly immune from developers and support staff accidentally posting materials they shouldn’t have published. Even when something like this happens, it can turn out to be completely harmless and not particularly interesting, but this latest “leak” can have huge consequences for the future of the game.

Namely, one of the many Bungie artists seems to have recently posted an animated Destiny 2 Finisher video on his ArtStation profile, which is neither strange nor unusual. However, the important thing is that for a split second the artist’s in-game HUD shows a selection of green abilities and a brand new Super icon, suggesting that this may be the community’s first look at the new Destiny Darkness Subclass.

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Although the artist in question deleted his post on ArtStation after community members got wind of what they were showing, the video clearly shows a subclass of green abilities with replacement ability icons and a unique, previously unseen Super icon. While Bungie hasn’t said anything about the Lightfall DLC lately, some community members are pretty sure Destiny 2 will get a whole new subclass of abilities with the release of the expansion pack. Of course, it’s possible that the green subclass shown in this video could be one of the biggest discoveries in Lightfall.

Rumors about the abilities of darkness are commonplace in Destiny 2 communities, and this was the case even before the Beyond Light DLC introduced the first of these classes. The most popular theory about the next subclass of Darkness was that it would contain poison to some extent, perhaps even relying on the Hive’s Soul Fire magic. This seems to have only been highlighted by the fact that this new “leak” has a bright green HUD, which is new to Destiny.

Apparently, in fact, this is not a leak at all, but rather a simple mistake that could easily go unnoticed if people did not notice it in time. It’s possible, of course, that the green ability icons are some kind of placeholders, but it’s worth remembering that there are currently no green subclasses in Destiny, which makes this theory much less likely. In any case, with the release of Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 next season, the mysterious green subclass may remain a mystery for some time.

Just a few days ago, a leak suggested that Bungie might remove the power level from Destiny 2 in the future. This rumor, combined with the apparent existence of a green subclass, means that fans have a lot to expect, especially in connection with the special Destiny demo that will take place on August 23.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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