Destiny 2: How to Pass Nightfall GM Inverted Spire (Season 17)


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Destiny 2 players can now access Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes in Season of the Haunted, after a hiatus of six whole weeks to allow Guardians to catch up on Power Level requirements and seasonal mods.

As customary with each new Destiny 2 Season, the rotation for Season of the Haunted is made of six different Strikes that players can choose from. As of last Season, GM Nightfalls can now be completed on the first week of launch as long as players use their one-time free checkpoints, making attaining the Conqueror Seal much easier.

Best Destiny 2 Builds to Use in Inverted Spire GM Nightfall in Season 17

There are multiple valid Destiny 2 weapons to use in GM Nightfalls in Season of the Haunted, and players should always pick the best guns they have to deal with Champions and bosses efficiently. However, builds are made of several components aside from weapons. This section will cover the best builds to use in the Inverted Spire GM for Season of the Haunted.

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Inverted Spire as a GM has the Acute Arc Burn modifier, which increases damage dealt and received that matches the Arc element. Destiny 2’s Hunters don’t have much to offer with Arc subclasses at the moment, and their best options for the Inverted Spire Grandmaster Nightfall are two different Void builds.

With Void 3.0, the best ways to play Hunter are different builds with either Omnioculus or Graviton Forfeit, as they are all about controlling the battlefield via invisibility and allowing the Hunter to reposition during fights.

These Void 3.0 build should be crafted with Trapper’s Ambush and Vanishing Step in both cases, with the difference being that Omnioculus builds should focus on Mobility and Resilience. In contrast, Graviton Forfeit needs more Strength and Resilience.

There is a build variation that employs Aeon Swift as its Exotic item, which is great because it provides Special and Heavy ammo to teammates while defeating elite enemies or bosses with finishers. Echo of Obscurity is the best Fragment to use with this Exotic.

Destiny 2’s Titans have two options in this GM, with the first being a Void build that revolves around spamming abilities via Heart of Inmost Light and using Ward of Dawn in encounters where it’s needed, such as the boss room.

Void subclasses help with this Strike because they tend to debuff enemies and create powerful chain reactions with explosions, which the Titan can do very well thanks to Controlled Demolition.

However, a fantastic option that probably outshines Void for this specific GM is going the Arc route with Cuirass of the Falling Star, an Exotic that grants a massive damage boost to the Thundercrash Super. This is particularly good in Inverted Spire because of the Arc Burn, which allows for easy boss kills.

Destiny 2’s Warlocks should use a Solar build simply because Well of Radiance is great in this GM, allowing for safer and more deadly engagements with the enemies.

Great Exotics to use with this build are the Phoenix Protocol chest armor for more frequent Supers and the Starfire Protocol Exotic for grenade spam, with both being equally powerful and viable.

Void 3.0 Warlocks are also viable in Inverted Spire, and so are Stasis Warlocks with the Osmiomancy Exotic gloves. Still, these builds are less desirable than Well of Radiance because the GM is fairly easy already.

The Acute Arc Burn modifier means that it’s a good idea to run at least an Arc Resistance mod in the chest armor, alongside the seasonal mod called Armor of the Dying Star.

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Beginning of the Inverted Spire GM

At the beginning of the Strike, Destiny 2 players will find themselves on top of a pillar. They will need to get down and summon their Sparrow to reach the first area where combat takes place.

Because this first area is filled with adds, it’s a good idea to stand on the high ground and shoot enemies from afar, clearing the Vex enemies near the Vex conflux, and then the Cabal enemies attacking from behind.

There is a Void-shielded Vex Minotaur here, but no Champions to worry about.

After all the enemies have been defeated, players should interact with the Vex conflux and move ahead following the path that appears before them.

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Soon enough, players will reach a zone where several Cabal soldiers will spawn via a Drop Pod. Behind them, there will be multiple Psion snipers and one Colossus on the left. Players should defeat the soldiers first, then the Psions and the Colossus.

Once the area is clear, players can proceed and access the next major combat zone.

The Chasm

This section is Champion-heavy, and Destiny 2 players will have to navigate it carefully. It’s important to note that the chasm section has three levels: the first is found below the entrance, the second is up ahead and is where the exit door is located, and the third is below the second level.

Near the entrance to the room, players will immediately notice three Psions on the platform immediately below their own, the first level.

These Psions should be defeated as soon as possible, and then players should reposition in a way that allows them to take out the first Champion — a Barrier Champion standing on the ledge of the third level, looking down from the first.

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Players should defeat the Barrier Champion, then clear as many enemies on the second level as possible while remaining on the first level.

Then, one player should move ahead to the second level and keep clearing adds and stunning the Unstoppable Champion there; whereas the other two players should drop down to the third level and deal with the Barrier Champion and Unstoppable Champion dwelling there.

At that point, players should reunite with the two players on the third level taking the jump elevator that takes them to the second level, and defeat the two Barrier Champions near the exit.

Approach the Drilling Sites

Once Destiny 2 players exit the chasm, they will soon find a Barrier Champion ahead, who is already isolated from other enemies. After taking the Champion out, players should drop down and keep moving ahead until they reach a big open area.

Here, three Champions will be found: two Barrier Champions and an Unstoppable Champion. They will be fighting one another, so players can easily pick them one by one for easy kills.

Players should then mount on their Sparrow and traverse an area filled with Vex and Cabal adds fighting each other. It’s best to ignore these enemies and instead proceed until players see two bunkers on either side of the map, with plenty of Cabal soldiers and Phalanxes in the middle.

The priority here is to take out adds as safely as possible and then rapidly kill the Barrier Champion on the ledge up ahead, as it will keep on shooting players with missiles.

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Players should then move as a group and clear both bunkers, containing a few Cabal red-bar enemies and a Centurion mini-boss with an Arc shield.

When the bunkers are fully cleared, players will need to defeat two red-bar, Solar-shielded Centurions and then activate the Cabal elevators.

On top of the first drilling site, players will be met with several Cabal soldiers and an Unstoppable Champion ready to attack. A good strategy here is to enter the elevator while aiming down sights with the Unstoppable weapon of choice to immediately fire an Anti-Champion bullet upon landing, stunning the Unstoppable Champion.

Players should then clear the area and drop down to the first drilling site.

Drilling Sites

This area is a drill where Destiny 2 players will find a Barrier Champion and a couple of Gladiators. Players should defeat the Champion first, then take care of the Gladiators, clearing the room.

There will be a console that players need to interact with, which will spawn more enemies in the drill.

The first wave comprises an Unstoppable Champion, some Cabal soldiers, and multiple War Beasts that will relentlessly chase players down.

There will be several War Beasts appearing after the first wave, all via Drop Pods on the sides of the drill; then, a final Drop Pod will appear with a Centurion mini-boss inside. This enemy is Arc-shielded, so it’s useful to have weapons like Arbalest or Arc Primaries.

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Once the Centurion and all the War Beasts are defeated, players will be able to access the next area, where several Void-shielded Incendiors and an Unstoppable Champion can be found.

Destiny 2 players should try to stun the Unstoppable Champion and defeat it first, with one of three players taking care of a couple of Incendiors by destroying their shields.

It’s worth noting that there could be multiple Psion snipers on a ledge on the right of this area, meaning that players should stay behind cover if they see lasers pointing at them. The Psions can easily be defeated later by shooting the explosive on the ledge.

Players will have to continue dropping down to another segment of the Inverted Spire GM, where they will find multiple Phalanxes, an Unstoppable Champion, and a Void-shielded Centurion mini-boss.

It’s useful to shoot enemies from afar and use a grenade to take care of the Phalanxes quickly, if possible, as they will still shoot players while they try to defeat the major targets. The Unstoppable Champion takes priority over the mini-boss, who will generally stay in the back of the area, near the ledge.

When all enemies in this zone are defeated, players will approach a big active drill, and they should be careful about jumping in this section because they could be hit by the drill and die as a result.

There will be several Cabal and Vex enemies in this area, but mainly players will have to deal with three Barrier Champions.

The first one appears immediately after entering the area, and it will slowly descend from a higher point on the right. Because there are just a Phalanx and a Psion near this Champion, players can easily take them out and then defeat the Barrier Champion.

Destiny 2 players can then keep moving ahead following the marker to access the boss room, before which there will be several War Beasts fighting Vex Goblin and two Barrier Champions.

Players should take out the War Beasts and the Goblins from afar, then focus on the Champions one at a time. There will be other red-bar enemies in the area, but unless players need Special or Heavy ammo to drop, they can be ignored.

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Boss Room

After following a short path, Destiny 2 players will have to drop down to an area where three Arc-shielded Harpies will be found. Upon killing the Harpies, the boss will finally spawn.

Although Inverted Spire’s final boss theoretically has three phases to go through to beat it, players can easily burst the boss down and kill it on the first floor or the second, only rarely reaching the third and final floor.

Once the boss spawns on the first floor, players will want to use all their Supers and Heavy ammo to immediately drop the boss’ health as low as possible or even kill it.

A great weapon to use in this GM Nightfall is the new Stormchaser linear fusion rifle, which drops from the second and third encounter in the Duality Dungeon. This linear fusion rifle has insane DPS capabilities, can roll with fantastic perks, and deals Arc damage.

Because Inverted Spire has the Acute Arc Burn modifier, this weapon is one of the best to use. Thundercrash also helps immensely with bursting the boss down, and it pairs amazingly well with a Void debuff to increase its damage further.

If the boss dies, the Strike is completed on the spot, and players will drop down to the third floor to collect the loot. If the boss is still alive and becomes immune, then players will have to reach the second floor for another damage phase.

However, as soon as the boss spawns on the second floor, it will be immune to damage for a couple of seconds. Then, players have a small window of opportunity to damage the boss before it goes to the third floor, which is more likely to happen if its health was already lowered enough on the first floor.

Lastly, if the boss reaches the third floor, players will have to defeat several Vex Goblins to make the boss respawn. Once it does, players will have a few seconds of damage phase before the boss starts summoning Vex enemies onto the arena.

Players will still be able to damage the boss if this happens, but survivability will become more problematic because of the Arc pools and the lack of cover in the arena.

Still, defeating the final boss will complete the Inverted Spire Grandmaster Nightfall, awarding Destiny 2 players with loot and a Triumph associated with the Conqueror Seal.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.